BMW's Monthly Subscription Plan Now As Low As $1,099

BMW expands number of paid feature subscriptions in the US

BMW is expanding the number of features that can be obtained through subscriptions in the US. It is revealed that five vehicle features are available through subscription services. They consist of  Remote Engine Start, Drive Recorder, Traffic Camera, Driving Assistance Plus with Stop&Go, and Parking Assistant Professional.

BMW's Monthly Subscription Plan Now As Low As $1,099
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Most of these features are available through either a 1-month, 1-year, or 3-year subscription, or can be purchased outright for a one-time fee. Motorauthority reached out to BMW USA and found that the Remote Engine Start costs $10 for 1 month, $105 for 1 year, $250 for 3 years, or can be purchased for $330 for the life of the vehicle. As for the Driver Recorder, it is available for $39 for 1 year, $99 for 3 years, and $149 for a one-time payment. Driving Assistant Plus with Stop&Go can be added for $20 for 1 month, $210 for 1 year, $580 for 3 years, and $950 with a one-time payment. As for Parking Assistant Professional, it is available for $5 for 1 month, $50 for 1 year, $130 for 3 years, or a one-time fee of $220.

BMW’s Traffic Camera feature cannot be purchased outright and is only available through a $25 annual subscription. It warns drivers about fixed and mobile speed cameras.

Subscription services

It is unclear if BMW intends on growing the number of feature subscriptions it offers in the United States but it does have a wider array of subscriptions in other markets. In Australia for example, front seat heating, steering wheel heating, Parking Assistant Professional, Real-Time Traffic Information, Adaptive M suspension, BMW driver Recorder, Remote Engine Start, Apple CarPlay, and USB Map Update are available through subscriptions.

The UK store offers Active Cruise Control for a one-time fee, but the tech isn’t offered in the BMW Australia store. BMW Drive Recorder, which is our Data Recorder, can be had for a free one-month subscription in the UK, after which it’s £199 to buy if desired. In the UK, heated front seats, a heated steering wheel, and automatic high beams can be sampled with a free one-month trial, subscribed to for one month, one year, or three years, or paid for permanently outright. In Australia, the high beam assistant can only be purchased outright. When Apple and IKEA are exploring rental options for their products, and when FIFA Ultimate Team’s in-game transactions make more every year ($1.6B) than Elden Ring made from selling 18 million copies of an entire game in 2022 ($1B), it’s clear to everyone that getting large numbers of people to regularly pay a little is too much money to walk away from. This is focused on maximizing the earnings for businesses.