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10 Books By Indian Writers That Every Entrepreneur Must Read !

Books are the best medium to gain knowledge about anything. Internet may be more diverse, but books are always more accurate and credible. If you need to know in details about a particular area, pick up a book and dive into knowledge! Same goes for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is an off-beat, recently discovered profession in India, and most people are confused what it is or how to become an entrepreneur.

Sometimes, even entrepreneurs don’t really know from where they can get proper guidance for their ideas and their implementations. So, here’s a list of 10 books by Indian writers that can help you if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or have already set foot in the business but aren’t sure how to move further.

1. Go Kiss The World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional

Written by Subroto Bagchi, this book is not just for entrepreneurs, but every individual in the world who wants to achieve something in life. The book can be called a journey of rags to riches, as Subroto describes his own life from a poverty stricken rural Odisha, to the owner of a billion dollar business. Filled with practical life lessons and influential advice, this book must be on the shelf of every entrepreneur. Check it out here !

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2. How I Braved Anu Aunty And Co-Founded  A Million Dollar Company

When you are young, with a lot of free time in hand, it often happens that you spend the time in unproductive and fun stuff like clubbing, social media and well, not working. Same happened with Varun Agarwal, but Anu Aunty, a hired help by his mother, changed his course of life and turned him into a successful entrepreneur. Varun Agarwal takes a humorous tone to teach some valuable lessons to aspiring entrepreneurs. This book is as entertaining, as it is educative. Check it out here !

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3. Bhaag! Inspiring Stories Of Student Entrepreneurs In India

What are your plans after college? Want to step up your game plan and start something new? Read the inspiring stories of young Indians, who started a business at the mere age of 22-23 and are now in the list of leading CEOs. Know more about their journey and courage and be inspired to follow their lead, or make up your own. Check it out here !

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4. The Habit Of Winning

Prakash Iyer, an IIMA graduate, pens down the life journeys of great leaders, starting from Mahatma Gandhi to Sachin Tendulkar and Charlie Pulmb to Randy Paunch. He narrates the qualities you need to develop to emerge as a winner in life and gives real-life examples from the lives of great men. Check it out here !


5. MBA at 16: A Teenagers Guide To Business

Subroto Bagchi recognizes the power of a young mind, which can generate new ideas more rapidly than an adult’s. And he inspires all youngsters through his book, to think great things and execute great ideas. After all, Steve Jobs had the idea of Apple when he was 16. Check it out here !


6. Take Me Home

The small towns of India have the greatest brains. Rashmi Bansal proves that it can’t be any more true. She traces the lives of 20 young entrepreneurs from rural India, who make it big in the business world. The surprising part? They never went to the big cities to achieve their goals but instead made their dreams come true from their homes. Check it out here !


7. The Golden Tap: The Inside Story Of Hyper Funded Startups

Kashyap Deorah gives an honest account of why multi national companies are willing to fund young minds, and it is not what you expect. The truth reflects the rise and fall of business empires and gives you a hardcore view of the system. It’s a must read for anyone who is interested in the field of business and entrepreneurship. Check it out here !


8. Connect The Dots

Do you really need a management degree to live your dreams of being a successful entrepreneur? Rashmi Bansal tells you about the businessmen who didn’t. You just need an idea, a concept and the dream to make it big. Read this book to be inspired to do something in life. Check it out here !


9. Young Turks

This was a popular Tv show by Shareen Bhan, in which she interviewed entrepreneurs. With this book, she takes a stand on tech startups and entrepreneurs. The book consists of funny anecdotes, inspiring stories and motivating quotes. It is a necessity for all young entrepreneurs! Check it out here !


10. I Have A Dream

A book divided into three categories- Rainmakers, Change makers and The Spiritual Capitalists, is interesting, as it takes up the journey of young entrepreneurs who want to earn profit without destroying much. A really well researched book meant for all Indian students. Check it out here !