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Broadcom is all set to acquire VMware

After the massive deal made by Microsoft with the video game maker company Activism Blizzard worth $68.7 billion, now the world’s largest chipmaker Broadcom is finally all set to acquire VMware, which happens to be the new pioneer in the world of software development.

Image source: CNET

Broadcom will fully acquire VMware with a $61 billion shares and cash deal. In the recent days, Broadcom’s shares have risen by 2% and the VMware’s shares have risen by a 2% however Broadcom has put forth a deal where it will provide the shareholders of VMware a filthy increase of $142 per share which amounts to a rise of 48% in the share value if they decide to sell their shares, or instead get a 0.250 share of Broadcom for every one share of VM ware which happens to be a great deal for all those who have not yet acquired any share of Broadcom and now just by the virtue of it’s an acquisition with VMware will get a chance to get some shares of Broadcom and will instantly get a rise in current Share value that would have taken at least a few years.

Image source: IT PRO

The deal is almost set. However, the VMware is going to keep its doors open to private bidders for 48 days after which they shall proceed with the final deal. The major shareholder of the company Michael Dell has agreed to sell his shares to Broadcom, his financial backing comes from Silver Lake, which currently owns 10% of the shares and has also agreed to sell its shares to Broadcom. On the other hand, Broadcom has received a $32 billion debt in total from several banks which have now made it a concrete report.

Image source: It’s FOSS News

The Chief executive of Broadcom Hock E. Tan, who made the company the largest chipmaker and also owns Qualcomm Atheros has now finally made up his mind to take a big leap with the acquisition of VMware. After the acquisition of VMware Broadcom will instantly have a rise of 45% in its current Revenue.

According to Research Analyst Daniel Newman. The company will become the world’s largest player in the software industry and it will be a befitting move against Biden’s new policies in administration urging more and more competition in every industry from Agriculture to Technology.

To add to all of it the Broadcom has made its agreement with VMware which happens to be an Innovation of Dell Inc., the execution will be done exactly after 48 days after which the Broadcom tag will be there on VMware making Broadcom the Biggest Software and Chip Developing Company in the world.



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