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Buying a GPS Tracking System? Know How an In-built Car Camera Can Help

GPS tracking systems can be defined as devices that allow you to monitor and track your vehicle’s location. High-end GPS trackers are capable enough of providing real-time stats of a vehicle’s speed apart from its location. There are different types of GPS tracking systems available in the market. 

However, if you are looking for an advanced device, you should go for a GPS tracking system with an in-built car camera. By investing in a GPS tracking system with an in-built car camera, you will be able to ensure security of your car and the safety of your loved ones. 

If you are still confused, then let’s see how an in-built car camera can help you:

  • Acts as a Proof for Accidents

This is one of the important reasons why people should invest in a car camera. In case of an unexpected accident, you can download the recorded videos or images of the trip and can use them as evidence to prove your innocence. 

  • It Offers Emergency Support

While driving on the road, there are times when you face a difficult situation and require emergency support. Some common unexpected situations that you can encounter can range from car failures to nuisance on deserted roads. 

A car camera with GPS tracking capabilities will safeguard you from any such incident. Some advanced devices like KENT CamEye are equipped with dual camera and two-way calling feature, making your job easier. You can consider the option of investing in advances GPS trackers like KENT CamEye as it comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, which provides back and forth communication. 

The device owner can initiate this call from their phone. On the other hand, the dual camera gives you a picture of what is happening inside and outside the vehicle. 

  • It Helps in Identifying and Improving Driver Behaviour 

Using a GPS tracking system with an in-built car camera enables you to improve your driver’s behaviour with passengers and also ensure that they aren’t mishandling the vehicle. It helps you to identify things like rash driving, jumping a red light, and speaking on the phone when driving. 

Many advanced car cameras with GPS trackers like KENT CamEye come with live video streaming option and the dual camera mode allows you to record the inside and outside view, whether the car is parked or is on the move. This feature is especially beneficial for chauffeur-driven cars as they are always under watch for rash driving. 

  • Parents can Easily Monitor their Teenage Children

Parents of teen drivers often stress about the safety of their kids behind the wheel. Lack of experience in driving and over speeding are key factors that most parents are concerned about.  

An in-built car camera offers features, such as facial recognition. This facial recognition technology allows you to identify the person sitting on the driver’s seat from a list of familiar drivers. It also helps in capturing the faces of co-passengers sitting inside the car. 

If you believe that safety comes first, you should consider the option of investing in KENT CamEye that comes from India’s most trusted and reputable brands. It provides reliable and comprehensive security solutions. Following are the features of KENT CamEye that makes it a must-have device for every vehicle:

  • It helps in recording time-lapse video and audio of inside and outside of the car.
  • It provides 2-Way calling with car occupants.
  • You can receive AI-based smart alerts, such as- unknown driver detection, over speeding, geo-fence, low battery alert etc. 
  • It provides battery backup for up to 24 hours. 

You can avail a free demo trial of KENT CamEye and buy it from Amazon India! 



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