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Byju’s to revise refund policy, conduct affordability test of parents before selling courses

According to recent reports, Byju’s has decided to conduct an affordability test for the parents prior to selling them their courses and giving loans to them. It has also decided to make changes to its refund policy. Read the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

About the decision

“Byju’s has agreed to conduct an affordability test of parents before selling courses and loans to them. They have agreed that they will not be selling courses to families having monthly income of less than Rs 25,000. Other than that, they have agreed to refund the full course fees to parents who would have failed the affordability test but were sold courses and loans,” Kanoongo said.

“We have also told Byju’s to conduct police verification of all the sales employees, who are directly in touch with students, kids, and parents. Now we have asked for some more documents from them, which would be presented before us on Monday. We have told them all these things verbally and would be giving them in writing on Monday,” Kanoongo added.

Byju’s does not offer the loan facility to the parents directly, rather if they are unable to pay, Byju’s directs them to well-reputed banks and financial institutions so that they can get all the help they need. There have been various reports that state that Byju’s takes undue advantage of its students by aggressively selling and misrepresenting its courses.

Byju Raveendran
Byju Raveendran

About Byju’s

Byju’s is an online learning platform that offers multiple courses to students to make learning a fun experience. They help students understand concepts deeply and help them fall in love with their subjects. This app came into existence to fulfill the need to have able and skilled teachers available everywhere and for everyone. This is what Byju Raveendran envisioned when he started thinking about this app and bringing it into this world.

As soon as the app was launched, it gained immense popularity. The app has made the effort to cater to the needs of every student and make sure that its services are worth more than its customers are paying to avail them. The mission of the app is to give life to new-age learning with the help of advanced technology so that children can benefit from it and excel in their respective fields with clarity and lots of knowledge. The company came into existence in the year 2011 and the founder of the company is Byju Raveendran who is an engineer too.