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Canaan boosts mining activities in Kazakhstan despite power shortage

Canaan boosts mining activities in Kazakhstan while the country suffers from a power deficit situation. On the one hand, they are trying to battle the electricity deficit and meet demands, while on the other hand, the mining company has deployed over 10,000 hardware pieces. The country’s situation is so bad that they even had to increase energy prices. And this has affected the mining industry severely, leading to a lot of protests.

Canaan boosts their mining footprint in Kazakhstan

Canaan is a hardware manufacturing company that is producing its own mining equipment. They have made agreements with mining companies in the country that resulted in a lot of collaborations. Since the electricity rates in the country were incredibly low, they have become a hub for mining companies. While this was good initially, the never-ending and ever-increasing electricity demand from miners is something the government isn’t able to meet, which resulted in price hikes.

Canaan boosts mining activities in Kazakhstan

Image Source: Coindesk

Even after all that, the company hasn’t shut down its operations or even halted them. In fact, the last batch of mining machines has also been deployed in the country. The continuous expansion of BTC mining is something the government has to find a way to deal with. The CEO of the company said that the recent deployment had strengthened their relationship with the mining business in the country. He also added that they are ready to leverage the strengths of each other and make the most out of the growth of digital assets.

Miners are also leaving the country

While Canaan has been expanding its business in the country, a lot of miners are also leaving. The excess demand and low supply of electricity have resulted in price hikes which have sparked protests in the country. The entire country is in unrest as the president has been blaming the government for power shortages while the cabinet of ministers has resigned. Therefore, while it seemed that the miners would be much better off in Kazakhstan than in China, things are not the same. All this has also caused the members of the International crypto community to warn miners to take care of themselves.

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