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CateCoin memes and jokes flood Twitter, adding to the new trending list

There is always something fresh and new to look forward to on Twitter. Whether it be a single tweet that sends in a wave of change or a flurry of memes that takes the platform by storm. And now there is a new player in the field with a rather promising skill and finesse.

And for those with a knack for meme-making and witty content, it is time to brandish your skills, for you can now earn with your wits thanks to the trending Catecoin. According to the creators of the same, Catecoin was created with the intention of “adding real value to the meme world.”

It sure looks like an intriguing way to earn, for all you have to do is polish that witty nerve and display your skill. Memes obviously meant comic relief, nobody thought of economic relief too. After all, when it comes to crypto, you never know what is next. And as we all know the tagline of this domain is ‘expect the unexpected.”

We don’t know whether there will be actual sparring of values between cate and doge, although they strangely remind one of cat and dog. However, Twitter is filled with memes and jokes, and with the earning factor, users are brandishing their skills in the best way possible.

Here is a compilation of the best memes

Somebody is all set to take the world by storm.

We know very well that memes are inevitable. Looks like it is time to add another name to the list.


This will be the right time to say “Something’s cookin”

Cats are cute. And now they might actually take a different route.

Somebody has got their eyes on Musk as well. It is indeed dog vs cat then, or did we misspell again?

You never know what will happen next. According to myths, cats have defeated dogs.

Looks like there is a new king in the jungle.



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