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Chanel’s AI Lipscanner app will get you lipstick in any shade

Chanel’s AI Lipscanner app will get you lipstick in any shade!

Has it ever been the case with you that you know a lipstick shade but can’t call out the exact name of it? Well, Chanel definitely heard the problematic gossip and came out with a solution for it. Now whenever you see a lip color that catches your eyes, you can just pop out the AI to find out the relevant shade from the collection of shades that Chanel makes. The Good news is now all over the place, Chanel announced the rollout of its Lipscanner app today. The app will allow you to use your phone’s camera to roundabout a shade. You can make it scan the color from someone’s purse or you can help it detect from a purse someone is carrying. The app scanner with first check the color of it and then help you out further by suggesting a match that comes from the ‘Lip universe’ comprising more than 400 products with different hues and shades.


This isn’t the first run-through a delight organization has made an application to recognize lipstick conceals —  YSL’s Perso system will even print out the specific shading you check, making it more refined. Lipscanner will likewise permit you to for all intents and purposes “take a stab at” the lipstick to check whether you like it. All things considered, computerized cosmetics take a stab at highlights are likewise not new — Sephora, Benefit and numerous other enormous brands in magnificence and beauty care products have made their own renditions.

That is not in any event, checking the various selfie-altering applications out there like YouCam Makeup with connections that let their clients take a stab at and purchase cosmetics. However, Chanel said that the algorithm it uses-

“saves users the task of trawling through large ionline inventories by seamlessly doing the colour recognition and matching for them,”




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