ChatGPT Falls Short in Creating Black Mirror Episode, Charlie Brooker Reveals

Discussions about the abilities and threats posed by artificial intelligence are constantly present on the internet, in various forms such as news articles or memes. On one hand, technology enthusiasts are continuously working to equip AI with more advancements.

On the other hand, politicians and critics are diligently exploring the potential threats posed by AI and delving into the associated risks.

Amidst these ongoing discussions, it has come to light that Charlie Brooker, the creator of the popular British television anthology series Black Mirror, recently embarked on a unique endeavor. He revealed that he collaborated with ChatGPT, a renowned AI chatbot, to write an episode for Black Mirror.

During an interview with Empire, Charlie Brooker mentioned his experimentation with ChatGPT. He shared that his initial interaction involved typing “generate Black Mirror episode” to see what the AI would come up with. While the generated content seemed plausible at first glance, upon closer inspection, Brooker found it to be subpar.

Charlie Brooker explained that when he tried using ChatGPT to generate a Black Mirror episode, he discovered that the AI simply combined existing synopses from the show without any original ideas.

In other words, it lacked genuine creative thinking and was merely restating information it had learned.

Despite the limitations of the chatbot, Brooker acknowledged that he gained some insights from the experience. He realized that many of his own Black Mirror episodes revolved around the concept of someone being inside a computer.

As a result, he decided to discard his preconceived notions of what a Black Mirror episode should be like. Brooker realized that it was essential to challenge the established rules of the anthology series and embrace new ideas.

ChatGPT and scriptwriting

Since its release in November 2022, numerous individuals, both from the film industry and other domains, have experimented with using ChatGPT to generate scripts and storylines for movies and series. Charlie Brooker is just one of many who have ventured into this territory, exploring the potential of AI in scriptwriting.

Many of these attempts resulted in disappointing outcomes as the scripts generated by AI lacked uniqueness and creativity on a significant scale.

However, despite these setbacks, there is a considerable number of AI experts who firmly believe that with appropriate training and extensive datasets, AI will eventually be capable of producing creative and captivating scripts for the movie and television industry. They remain optimistic about the future potential of AI in this creative realm.

Next episodes of Black Mirror

Fans of the TV series Black Mirror have exciting news to look forward to, as season six is set to release on Netflix on June 15th. While the  AI-produced episode is not in the cards, viewers can anticipate five new episodes.

The first episode, called “Joan Is Awful,” features a parody of Netflix called Streamberry and stars actors Michael Cera and comedian Rob Delaney. The second episode, titled “Loch Henry,” is said to have elements reminiscent of a previous episode called “White Bear.”

Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad finds himself in space in the episode “Beyond The Sea.” The penultimate episode, “Mazey Day,” seems to focus on a scandal involving a celebrity. The series concludes with “Demon 76,” featuring stage stars Anjana Vasan and Paapa Essiedu in a story about a sales assistant compelled to do terrible things.