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China has accused Washington of cyber spying on its University



The Chinese government has accused Washington of cyberspying on Chinese University  that according to the US officials does some military work. Both these countries have blamed each other for online spying. The computer breaks were being reported in the month of  June where they traced attacks to the National Security Agency. China has accused the USA of spying on Universities  through the internet. China has also accused Washington of spying over internet companies and energy companies as well. On the other hand, Washington has accused China of stealing commercial secrets and has also put serious charges on the Chinese military forces.


Issue Between USA and China


cyberspying in a file photo

credits: news18.com

They also claim that Washington also steals information regarding the University’s core and important  technologies and the entire system of  network management. On the other hand the people at Washington did not respond to these allegations that were put on them right away.


USAs allegations on China


They said that the PLA, Peoples Liberation Army takes help from the University and supplies Aerial and Underwater drones for them.They mentioned that the marine technology is being passed on by the University for PLA. Their university supplies missile technology to the PLA. Earlier, a man who was found guilty of providing marine technologies to the Northwestern Polytechnical University without any permission from the government. He was sentenced to 2 years of prison by the federal court of Boston. He did this without license and kept on supplying underwater marine technology.


The Chinese government has also said that China strongly condemns such activities and asks the USA to stop such activities. They also said that the USA should stop using its advantages to steal the secrets of other countries and take advantage of other countries. China is strongly against such activities. Both the countries have been accused of doing rampant online spying against each other. China also accused USA of stealing secrets of other countries and constantly trying to attack other countries.



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