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China turns on nuclear-powered ‘artificial sun’

China is ready with a new record again, the sun is literally in its sky with its ‘Artificial Sun’. China effectively controlled up its “artificial sun” atomic combination reactor unexpectedly, state media revealed Friday, denoting an incredible development in the nation’s nuclear power research capacities.


The HL-2M Tokamak reactor is by-far China’s largest and most advanced nuclear fusion experimental research device, and scientists are counting that the device can fruitfully unlock a powerful clean energy source.

“The development of nuclear fusion energy is not only a way to solve China’s strategic energy needs, but also has great significance for the future sustainable development of China’s energy and national economy,” said the People’s Daily.

It is believed that Chinese scientists have been working really hard on developing smaller versions of the nuclear fusion reactor since the year 2006. The alleged hard work of 14 years is now bearing its fruit.

This project is considered as the Holy Grail of energy- that what powers the sun.



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