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How to Remove Widgets from the Notification Center on Mac

Are you fed up with how the Widgets simply rest there on the bottom of your Notification center? Some of the Widgets that appear on your Mac are useful in some cases, however in most of the cases removing them will give your screen space to breathe. Follow simple steps to remove widgets from your notification center on Mac.

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It is for Mac users who are using macOS 11 BigSur or higher can access the unified Notification Center. As opposed to being part of two tabs, the Notification Center is currently part in segments. The top half shows your notifications(in the event that you have any), and the base half shows your widgets.

If you wish to go through your Notification Center, click on the Time and Date button from the menu, which is available next to your control center button. The other way to open your Notification Center is to swipe in from the right edge of the trackpad of your Macbook.

If you wish to delete a widget with the shortcut route all you have to do is right-click on the widget and choose the “Remove Widget” option. As soon as you click on the Remove Widget option the Widget will be removed. If you wish to remove multiple widgets together, you should visit the widget editing mode.

Keep scrolling to the bottom of the Notification Center till you find the option of the ‘Edit Widgets’ button.  The other method is, the point at any widget and right-click at it then choose the option of Wdir Widget from the menu. . After you finish these steps, click on the ‘Done’ button, it will save the layout to how you want. Like mentioned before, you can go through these steps to customize and remove Widgets just how you’d like it to be.



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