Radar RD6 Electric Pickup Truck Deliveries Begin In China

China’s Radar RD6 electric pickup could eventually make its way to the US

Radar RD6 electric pickup truck deliveries begin in China. This premium outdoor lifestyle brand plans to take its electric pickup truck to the US. The production of the RD6 electric pickup truck started in China. The brand is known to be living under the umbrella of China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.

Radar RD6 Electric Pickup Truck Deliveries Begin In China
Image credits- Inside EVs

China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group is also the owner of Volvo, another automaker that’s no stranger to modernized vehicle designs and electrification. Geely Auto Group also owns Polestar, smart, and several other automotive brands. Geely Auto Group’s Radar brand held an event in Shenzhen, China, to officially mark the beginning of deliveries of its RD6 flagship pickup truck, which is fully electric. Delivery events related to the Radar RD6 are set to continue in other areas of China throughout the remainder of the month of February 2023.

The Radar brand first came to be in 2022, so it may be quite surprising to some that production started recently and deliveries are already underway. The brand was created to satisfy a growing demand not only for electric vehicles but also for EVs that are specifically designed for adventures. Pickup trucks aren’t popular in China, but perhaps EVs will work to change that.


The Radar RD6 features three different battery pack options: 63 kWh, 86 kWh, and 100 kWh. The automaker says the electric truck’s driving range starts at 400 km (about 250 miles) with the smallest battery pack. The largest pack has an estimated range of 632 km (which converts to nearly 400 miles). All current models have rear-wheel drive and a 200 kW electric motor that makes 384 newton-meters of torque (or about 283 pound-feet). The electric pickup truck comes standard with vehicle-to-load (V2L) functionality and provides external power via onboard 220-volt outlets.

According to Green Car Congress, Radar already has 52 stores and 24 experience centers spread across 50 cities in China. The country has been known to move very quickly with new businesses and developments, and Radar is a testament to this. The brand is now officially the first producer of a mass-market electric pickup truck in China. Despite being under the Geely Auto Group umbrella, Radar has its own fully independent production facility and its own Research and Development headquarters. The radar brand was established in 2022 for a new generation of global consumers who demand vehicles that are as sustainable as their adventures in nature. Further delivery events have been planned for users across the country over the course of February 2023.