Xpeng Motors Launches G9 SUV And P7 Sports Sedan In Europe

China’s Xpeng launches two flagship cars across European countries

Chinese EV automaker Xpeng launches two of its flagship cars across European counties. The progress indicates its global expansion. Headquartered in Guangzhou, the company revamped its P7 sedan and G9 sports utility vehicle (SUV). They are now available to order for customers in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Xpeng Motors Launches G9 SUV And P7 Sports Sedan In Europe
Image credits- Inside EVs

Brian Gu, president of Xpeng, said in a press release that the launch “represents a significant milestone” as the company builds up its European presence. Xpeng has sought to challenge Tesla in China though still remains significantly behind Elon Musk’s carmaker when it comes to deliveries. It is now looking to expand into international markets after a difficult year in China which was hit by a demand slump. That could put Xpeng on a collision course with Tesla in these new markets.

On the whole, Xpeng has priced its P7 sedan below Tesla’s in Demark, Norway, the Netherlands, and Sweden, even at a time when the U.S. EV maker has been cutting prices globally to stoke sales. Xpeng claims its P7 sedan can travel 576 kilometers on a single charge with a starting price in the Netherlands of 49,990 euros ($54,917). Tesla’s Model 3 Long Range, which claims 602 kilometers on a single charge, costs 52,990 in the Netherlands.

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Xpeng’s G9 SUV is priced higher than Tesla’s Model Y, its closest competitor. Xpeng claims its G9 can travel up to 570 kilometers on a single charge. Tesla’s Model Y Long Range can travel up to 533 kilometers on a single charge. Xpeng has priced its G9 at 57,990 euros in the Netherlands versus 53,990 euros for Tesla’s Model Y Long Range, as an example of price comparison.

Xpeng will face intense competition in Europe, not only from Tesla but other Chinese carmakers and European auto giants like Volkswagen, which has staked its future on electric vehicles. Nio, a Chinese rival to Xpeng, began delivering some cars to Norway at the end of 2021. Xpeng has accelerated its international push in the past year after opening physical stores in Europe last year and launching its mass-market P5 sedan. Xpeng said last year however that due to supply chain issues, the start of sales for the P5 was suspended. Despite the continued growth of electric vehicles in China, domestic start-ups are laying the groundwork for aggressive overseas expansion which could fuel future growth. They’re also likely to clash with Tesla and other European and American carmakers as they do so. The company plans to push further global expansion.