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Chinese Police Bust World’s Biggest Video Gaming Cheating Ring

Chinese Police Bust World’s Biggest Video Game Cheating Ring

Chinese busted biggest video game scam

Chinese police flashed up the gaming screens of the alleged ring operators and their hardware, arrested 10 people, and destroyed 17 scammers, meaning the computer servers were not the real scammers. In addition to the $76 million in reported fraud revenue, the bankruptcy also led to asset seizures, including several luxury cars and an estimated $4.6 million

Kunshan police found and destroyed 17 fraudsters and arrested 10 people, all of whom had no connection to the ring. Authorities told the BBC they had arrested the 10 people and destroyed the scammers during the raid, but it was not clear if they wanted to erase the hard drives.

Chicken Drumstick pocketed $7.6 million in revenue from the illegal operation. The company made its revenue by charging its customers a monthly subscription fee. The monthly fee ranged from $10 per day to $140 per month subscription.

Mobile gaming was the focus of the hacks, with a strong focus on hacking third-person shooters. Cheats for popular titles such as Overwatch and Valorant were also available. They used the profits to hold on to virtual currency and property. Fraud services were also used in the Chinese market, where they sold the hacks.

Last year, US company Riot Games offered hackers $73,000 to find vulnerabilities in anti-cheating software used in games such as Valorant. Nintendo offered $14,500 to find weaknesses in the defense, while Rockstar Games put a bounty on $7,200.

Tencent produces many popular games such as PUBG and Call of Duty. Fraud in games ruins the level of entertainment in the game, and many players report it, as Tencent did. Gangs cheat to destroy the prestige of the company, and fraudsters ruin the fair gameplay at tournaments.

Chinese police seized various luxury sports cars found during the raid. PUBG MOBILE Chinese Edition was also among the titles that were subjected to the cheats.

This isn’t the first time cheats have been used in early 2017 a series of lawsuits came to light have stated that a number of rogue online games have used cheats to destroy their competition in Fortnite.

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