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Chivalry 2 DLSS update gives a 4k 60fps promise

The latest update to Chivalry 2 brings DLSS, a medieval hack-and-slash multiplayer for players with Nvidia RTX graphics cards with a host of visual enhancements. The update allows the game to take advantage of Nvidia’s DLSS technology or Deep Learning Sampling Process, which uses a form of machine learning to magnify images in real-time.

Chivalry 2 DLSS update

Credit @ Torn Banner Studios

For those unaware of this, DLSS is an algorithm developed by NVIDIA to move a lot of games to any length to make them look better. It works by drawing pixels on the screen and scaling the resolution to run the game at a higher resolution, and it can be done if the used computer uses an RTX graphics card. DLSS, along with artificial intelligence-powered upscaling technology, can help boost performance to a much higher resolution than beam tracking, making many of today’s biggest beam tracking games, such as Watch Dogs Legion, not only DLSS-enabled but much faster.

Ray-tracing games require the use of Nvidia RTX cards, and DLSS is a proprietary technology developed exclusively for NVIDIA. A number of games already support NVIDIA’s DLSS technology and a large number of ray tracing games is great news for RTX card owners who want to squeeze a few extra frames from their new GPUs.

With the new update enabled, GeForce RTX players can now enjoy games in 4K at 60fps with maximum settings enabled. This indicates that the RTX 30 collection of GPUs reaches the numbers. Based on this statement, older GPUs of the 20s series can enjoy dismantling fools in glorious 4K resolution.

DLSS offers a big boost in performance in Chivalry 2. When the technology first came out in rising, it boosted performance by 45% and allowed GeForce RTX players to play with 60 FPS at 4K with maximum settings enabled. Brand new support for Nvidia DLSS allows you to achieve a significant amount of additional performance if you are willing to trade in your native resolution for a slightly advanced AI version

Technical availability is game-specific and depends on your GPU and the display resolution your game uses, but if your GPU has this technology, it will boost performance. Games running at lower frame rates or higher resolutions will benefit more from this technology. As far as I can see, If some game has Ray Tracing, and DLSS is a necessary feature for those who want to use both features. It’s something people would want when they want to push their latest hardware to its limits, whether it’s stunning visuals or breathtakingly realistic explosions. System latency has been minimized with NVIDIA reflexes for a more responsive experience.



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