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Christian Dior – The Artist of the Fashion World

Born more than a century ago, 114 years (to be precise), on the 21st January 1905. Christian Dior is one of the most famous and respected names in the fashion industry.

Beginning his career as an art collector to being the legendary French Fashion designer, Dior is a true example of how one must have the courage to follow his dream.

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Christian Dior is credited with bringing a revolution to the fashion world. And rightly so, his designs have a boldness and freedom which was never seen before.

His imagination, words and dedication combined to produce the articulate fashion which is still moving forward in the every changing world.

Words of Wisdom from the creator, Dior

“The detail is as important as the essential is. When it is inadequate, it destroys the whole outfit.”

It’s true that one thing cannot be absolutely perfect, but it is possible to minimize the error. That can only happen when one pays close attention to the details.

“Finally, everything that has been part of my life, whether I wanted it to or not, has expressed itself in my dresses.”

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Not everything in life will be the way you wanted it. There will always be a few things that will be hard for you to accept. But rather than complaining about it, Dior taught us to use it to the best of our abilities.

“Deep in every heart slumbers a dream, and the couturier knows it: every woman is a princess.”

It’s good to have dreams. That is what makes us feel alive. Chasing them or working to achieve it is how we can make a difference.

And always remember to appreciate those important to you.

” You can never really go wrong if you take nature as an example.”

Well, we all agree that nature is the best designer, artist or creator. And when you take her as an inspiration, what can possibly go wrong!

“By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.” 

All that Christian Dior really wanted was to be a good craftsman and be appreciated for his dresses. But look at him now. Even today, the world remembers him and his legacy.

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All this because he was sincere to his work. And it won’t be wrong to say, he did bring a revolution!

“Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.” 

The Ultimate goal of life!




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