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Circle launches Euro-Pegged Stablecoin on Avalanche Blockchain

In a move aimed at increasing the accessibility and utility of digital assets, Circle, a leading global financial technology firm, has announced the expansion of its Euro-pegged stablecoin on the Avalanche blockchain. This strategic development marks an important milestone in the adoption of stablecoins and the integration of traditional finance with blockchain technology.

Circle Financial, the stablecoin issuer, made an announcement on Thursday regarding the expansion of its euro-pegged crypto asset, EUROC, on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain. The move has gained support from various decentralized finance (defi) protocols and projects, as stated by Circle.

EUROC stablecoin from Circle discovers a new home on the Avalanche blockchain

Approximately 11 months ago, Circle introduced a euro stablecoin named Euro Coin (EUROC) as its second prominent fiat-pegged token, preceded by USD Coin (USDC). Initially deployed as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, the EUROC stablecoin is presently in circulation with around 47.11 million units, as reported by etherscan.io. The euro-backed stablecoin issued by Circle is currently held by 1,381 distinct addresses built on the Ethereum platform.

Circle took to Twitter to make an official announcement that EUROC, their euro stablecoin, will now be available natively on the Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain, which operates on a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Circle tweeted, “It is official, [EUROC] is now multi-chain and live on [Avalanche] today.”

The company further stated that developers could leverage the capabilities of the euro-backed stablecoin on Avalanche to create faster and more efficient solutions for users, enabling seamless transactions, savings, lending, borrowing, and other financial activities.

EUROC gains strong Defi support and enhanced liquidity on Avalanche

Circle also highlighted that EUROC had garnered support from significant decentralized finance (defi) applications and protocols, including Curve Finance, Cable Finance, Trader Joe, Pangolin Dex, Benqi, and several others. In a blog post released on Thursday, Circle mentioned that qualified businesses with a Circle Account could access the liquidity of EUROC on Avalanche.

Following a decline in the market capitalization of Circle’s stablecoin USD Coin (USDC), from its peak of $55.9 billion on June 22, 2022, to the current value of $29.07 billion, Circle has taken its latest step. The data indicates a 47.99% decrease in USDC’s market cap over the past 11 months.

In comparison, EUROC holds a much smaller position, ranking 410th among over 10,000 listed crypto assets on Coingecko.com. The market valuation of EUROC constitutes 0.004% of the entire $1.15 trillion crypto market economy, while USDC represents 2.519%.

Circle’s trustworthy reputation and significant role in the Cryptocurrency Industry

In recent years, Circle has positioned itself as a key player in the cryptocurrency industry, focusing on regulatory compliance, transparency, and the development of stablecoin infrastructure. The company has gained recognition from both the crypto community and traditional financial institutions, fostering trust and adoption of digital assets.

The expansion of Circle’s stablecoin to the Avalanche blockchain is a testament to the increasing demand for stablecoin solutions and the growing interest in the benefits of blockchain technology. As more blockchain networks collaborate and integrate stablecoins, we can expect to see accelerated growth in decentralized finance, cross-border transactions, and global financial inclusion.

Circle’s expansion of the Euro-pegged stablecoin on the Avalanche blockchain represents a significant step towards enhancing the accessibility and functionality of digital assets. By leveraging the scalability and efficiency of the Avalanche network, Circle aims to meet the growing demand for stablecoin solutions in various use cases, including cross-border payments and decentralized finance.

With Circle’s focus on regulatory compliance and transparency, the company has established itself as a trusted player in the cryptocurrency industry, gaining recognition from both the crypto community and traditional financial institutions. This integration underscores the potential of blockchain technology to reshape the global financial landscape and promote the widespread adoption of digital assets.

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