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Clientjoy, SaaS start-up acquires funds worth $800K from GVFL

Clientjoy raised USD 800K

Source: Clientjoy

Software as a Service often abbreviated as SaaS start-up Clientjoy has recently acquired fresh funds worth USD 800K on 9th November from Gujarat Venture Finance Limited (GVFL). The funds were raised in a pre-Series A funding round from the early venture capital firm.

Clientjoy is an Ahmedabad based Software company which was launched in 2019 by Shashwat Bhatt, Abhishek Doshi, Anupama Panchal and Yash Shah.

The SaaS start-up offers a distinct client lifecycle management software which is used by freelancers to manage their clients, leads, daily proposals and accounting revenues, all of these services under one umbrella. This software also benefits several service companies and modern agencies in their daily tasks to manage their clients.

In 2019, during the initial days of the company’s inception, it was backed by a different set of Angel investors than it does today. One prominent investor of Clientjoy was Centre for Innovation, incubation and Entrepreneurship, commonly referred to as CIIE, a start-up business incubator established by Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad.

Yash Shah, CEO and Co-founder of Clientjoy explained the story behind the company where he mentions that start-ups, agencies and several small companies, even freelancers struggle to collect data and analyse it. A significant amount of resources and time is devoted to manage clients and their respective data, since all of this information is captured on different platforms, efficiency loses its focus. Such start-ups, agencies and freelancers have no idea about how the analytics of this data can turn out to be bottlenecks or even growth accelerators as most of the client’s data is lost in transition. Clientjoy solves this issue and provides an adequate and efficient solution to tackle it.


Source: StartupNews.fyi

When asked about the freshly raised funds, CEO Shah stated that this investment will be used to grow Clientjoy’s engineering, sales and marketing to expand their product offerings.

At present, the SaaS start-up runs across various geographical verticals including South-East Asia, Europe, Australia, India and the United States of America serving more than 2,000 agencies in Information technology Sector and Digital Marketing niche.

President of GVFL, Mihir Joshi mentioned in a statement that businesses across the globe are experiencing a digital transitioning and the importance of digital collaborations in the current COVID-19 Pandemic situation. Economies have been on the lower curve and companies like Clientjoy will play a bigger role in lifting up businesses’ client management tools and helping them become more flexible with digital collaborations.

Clientjoy is at a crossroad in their journey as razor-sharp focus on customer data and client issues would help the company capture a decent market flow, said a board member at CIIE.




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