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Coding Boot Camps: The new age supplier of technical talent

(Image Credits: franksworld.com)
(Image Credits: franksworld.com)

Good Developers are a rare specie. Top technology driven companies, even in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore face the same issues when it comes to hiring good tech talent. Many startups originated elsewhere in India move to Bangalore only to overcome this talent crunch. However, the reason for this “insufficient good talent” is because most companies either want a CS / IT graduate from Premier Institutes like IITs, IIITs or someone with years of experience who has worked with every single framework (or technology). This puts fresh college graduates from non-premier colleges who are learning on their own in a tough spot. To get a job they have to be either the “rock star coder” who has build something incredible that gets attention or keep learning (for years) until they would be considered “good enough” to work in top software companies, even then there relevant experience would be questioned.

From a tech company’s perspective, it makes sense, as they would like to hire only the best developers and not compromise on the quality of talent.

A new set of online training courses for beginners have emerged in India that are trying to fill up this gap between demand and supply of technical talent in India (and across the world).   They train beginners and if possible place them into jobs. Here are few worth considering if you want to get up to the level of being called “hirable” tech talent. Here are few institutes in India (in-person classes) and abroad (online and remote classes):

In-Person Classes:

Ace Hacker Academy:

Ace Hacker Academy is located in Bangalore, India. It is a 12 week intensive bootcamp that focuses on hands-on education primarily in JavaScript and related technologies. Ace Hacker accepts beginners into their program and promises students the chance to work on real projects, prototypes, and software. The program not only covers 800 hours of serious coding, but also includes fun activities and group meals. Ace Hacker also prepares students to participate in hackathons and interviews.


Geekskool is a 3 month intensive coding bootcamp in Bangalore, India. The program is free of charge for all participants and is a great fit for programmers who want to be placed in startups. The bootcamp covers skills in full stack web development and mobile development for iOS and Android. Students will engage in project-based learning. Geekskool welcomes career-changers, but also current programmers who want to improve their skills or get the skills they need to work in startups. Applicants without a college degree should have a familiarity with at least one programming language.


Jaaga is a collaborative space in Bangalore that connects entrepreneurs, activists, and artists. One of the many programs Jaaga hosts is a one-year program that strives to prepare students to become solid software developers trained to build the next generation of web and mobile applications. Students are expected to commit 40 hours per week to the program, and although there are no upfront costs, fees are collected once graduates start earning.


Code Astra is a code academy initiated by a group of IITians. They are based out of Hyderabad.

 Online and Remote Classes


Bloc is the world’s largest online coding bootcamp that incorporates 1 on 1 mentorship to personally prepare each student as a professional software engineer.

No prior development experience is required to enroll in Bloc.

4Geeks Academy

With over 4000 alumni, 4Geeks Academy is recognized as one of the top 10 coding bootcamps globally, according to Newsweek. Their full stack developer course sets the stage for ambitious individuals who aspire to become software engineers. What sets 4Geeks Academy apart is their unrivaled career and student support, providing unlimited 1-1 mentorships along with several workshops and live mentoring sessions each week for life, even after securing a job! With the “job guaranteed” payment option, beginners can dive in right away and get reimbursed if they don’t land a job within six months post-graduation.

Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo provides 14 weeks rigorous, comprehensive full-stack development training programs to meet the career goals of both aspiring developers and industry veterans. In 14 weeks, students can choose to learn three out of five of the industry’s most in-demand web and mobile development languages: Ruby on Rails, LAMP, MEAN, Python and Swift/iOS.


One need not necessarily have a CS/IT degree from a premier institute to be a developer in a good tech startup. Courses offered at bootcamps focus and teach you what you actually use while at work. Companies also look for developers who “get the task done”.

This way coding boot camps in India and abroad are solving a real pain point. Every techie should make the most out of these courses and put their career on an accelerating track.

To know more check out Bootcamps.in and CourseReport for online coding schools across the world.


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