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ManageEngine’s User Management Tool To Improve IT Department’s Productivity By 5X !


The role of an IT Administrator is one of the most important jobs in any organizations today. Making sure that everyone in the organization has a valid profile, correct access and permissions to do the right thing and everyone’s IT related problems are solved as quickly as possible is one of the most important aspect to keep an organization running effectively.

The job of an IT Administrator however becomes extremely challenging in places where on certain days of the year, there is a huge inflow of new users. For example in places such as universities, every year a number of new students join in at a particular time of the year and the IT Administrator gets buried under tasks to create new profiles, to give and manage access privileges via user credentials to students etc. Then throughout the year, the IT team deals with tasks such as maintaining student records, assignment submissions, virtual classrooms etc.  While ensuring uninterrupted access is given, IT admins also have to keep in mind the potential security threats to the sensitive data.

Complexity of a university is similar to that of a large organization. Managing and maintaining of accounts cannot be done manually.Addressing this  need, ManageEngine a leading technology provider equips the institution with an effective user management by providing Active Directory monitoring tools.

ADManager Plus is simple, hassle-free web-based solution for all Active Directory Management challenges, safe with secure authentication. This Active Directory management tool allows administrators to design templates to manage all Active Directory account creation and modification processes. Moreover, through its web-interface, this AD management software offers administrators an absolute control over their Active Directory environment.

ADManager Plus is a comprehensive web-based Microsoft Windows Active Directory Management software that simplifies User provisioning and Active Directory administration with complete security and authentication to allow only authorized users to perform management actions. It provides a complete set of Active Directory management tools to administrators and AD managers for efficient management of their Active Directory. This solution features a single console from which IT management can view and manage Active Directory users, computers, contacts, groups, provision users in Google Apps and generate reports for all the domains, servers or any specific domain in Active Directory environment from a central location. ADManager Plus also enables the administrator to delegate repetitive, simple, time consuming tasks to non-administrative users / helpdesk in a completely secure manner and also allows for controlled automation of Active Directory. ADManager Plus avoids manual, error prone administrative activities on Active Directory and saves time and cost. And you can do all these right from this software’s web interface. IT administrators can now perform the following list of activities on their Active Directory using ADManager Plus.

The company is currently focusing on USA as its main market.India is catching up really fast when it comes to digitization of information and will be a very important market for ManageEngine.

The company claims to improve productivity of school’s IT department by 5X after deploying the ADManager. ADManager will help IT team mange their time better and universities manage their funds better. Besides the productivity of the IT department, the experience that students have is expected to help universities attract more students.




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