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Coffeeza introduces their capsule recycling programme for coffee lovers
Encourages coffee lovers to enjoy Italian Barista-style coffee at home responsibly

September 2020, India: The Indian coffee culture is about sipping your coffee while sitting in a boutique cafe. As lovely as it is, to have your favourite brew in fancy cafes, we would be lying if we didn’t feel like experiencing the same great-tasting barista-style coffee in the comfort of our homes. Coffeeza, a revolutionary gourmet coffee brand addresses this need and has now taken it a notch further by introducing a capsule recycling programme.

Steeping their coffee and the brand into the world of sustainability, Coffeeza’s capsule recycling programme allows customers to return 100 used coffee capsules back to the brand for recycling, and earn 10 capsules as a reward. The capsules are collected from the customers, and then sent to a recycling plant in lots. This initiative is a step forward to be more environmentally conscious and encourages customers to opt for sustainability, by giving them an incentive to support the efforts of the brand.

With the aim to provide Indian millennials with a gourmet coffee experience, Coffeeza is already paving a modern way to prepare and enjoy great-tasting Italian style coffee at home. With this new initiative the brand is now encouraging a touch of sustainability alongside promoting the universal love for gourmet coffee.

“At Coffeeza, we’re committed to providing the best tasting coffee to our customers, while at the same time, acting responsibly towards the environment.” opines Mr. Rahul Aggarwal, Founder of Coffeeza. 

The brand retails two models of coffee machines. The Lattisso Machine comes with an attached milk frother, perfect to make beverages like Cappuccino and Latte, while the Finero Machine is ideal for black coffee lovers. The machines are designed to extract coffee at superior 19 bar pressure, similar to cafes. This results in richly extracted coffee with indulgent layers of crema on top.

Coffeeza’s single-serve coffee capsules contain 100% freshly roasted and ground coffee, with a 24-month shelf life.  The perfectly sealed capsules preserve the freshness of coffee so that you enjoy every cup. The brand currently has three different blends, namely Classico, Intenso and Decaf.  Classico is a Central and South American blend of Arabica coffee having a fruity and aromatic flavour with an after taste of dried nuts and unsweetened cocoa and an intensity of 6/10.  The Intenso blend is crafted to deliver a rich, full and long-lasting taste with notes of chocolate, spices and dried fruit. With an intensity of 9/10, this South American arabica coffee is balanced with flavours from Asia. As for Decaf, it is a Vietnamese blend of coffee, decaffeinated, with a full body and rich aromatic profile. All blends are roasted with precision in Italy by experts.

From delicate to lively, to rich and bold, these coffee blends are exquisitely curated for the Indian audience to suit their taste, palate, and preferences. Coffeeza addresses the innate desires of coffee-connoisseurs and gourmet food lovers of enjoying barista-style coffee and curates their products best suiting the needs of their customers.

Using Coffeeza is easy – just drop in the capsule, press a button on the Coffeeza machine, and your gourmet coffee is ready within seconds. The used capsule automatically ejects into a hidden tray, which can then be emptied and collected for the recycling programme.



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