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Complete Shut Down for all PUBG Mobile servers across India by October 30

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As we all are very well aware of the recent ban of PUBG Mobile in India, the turn of events have been against our favour as Indian gamers! In a recent report, PUBG Mobile’s Facebook page was posted with another bad news, the company announced termination and complete shut down for all PUBG User access and servers across India.

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite which have been banned in India were still playable by some people who already had the game installed and updated, the company has recently announced a complete shutdown across the country, so now these players will not be able to connect to PUBG Mobile servers, whatsoever.

The termination will be initiated from 30th October 2020. This decision was taken because of the ban that the Indian government under the guidance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed on the popular mobile game.

PUBG Mobile was certainly banned under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2009 which states that the government can follow the procedure to block access and safeguard to any public information. This was referenced to maintain the security and sovereignty of the country against the enemy threat. The enemy in this case is China because of the on-going political war between the two countries.

Furthermore, PUBG Mobile India posted the update on Facebook saying that the company is withdrawing all distribution rights from Tencent and that the publishing rights of the PUBG Mobile India shall be returned to the sole owner and parent company PUBG Corporation.

Credits: https://rb.gy/evf6db

The game company also highlighted that fact that will work 100% in compliance with the government of India and protect user’s security and personal data as their top priority. They shall comply with the data protection laws and regulations of the country.

In addition to this, PUBG Mobile also confirmed to work with the Indian government for partnership and terms to bring the game back up on the Indian market considering its tremendous fan following and the demand that it has created in the market. The company claims to take complete control over their actions and operations.

The game is certainly looking for an opportunity to enter back into the Indian Market in one way or another. This can be confirmed by PUBG Corporation’s latest LinkedIn job posting for a Corporate Development Division manager to run the company’s operations in India.

PUBG Mobile developers- Krafton Games are a subsidiary of Bluehole Incorporated which is based out of South Korea. The Publishing rights of the game were reserved by China’s Tencent, until recently when the company withdrew the same in an attempt to enter back into the Indian gaming market.

There is still hope for an Indian version of PUBG Mobile made specifically for India completely complying with all the laws and regulations, keeping user security and state’s safety and privacy at priority.



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