Concert giant AEG to collaborate with Tom Brady's Autograph
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Concert giant AEG to collaborate with Tom Brady’s Autograph

Autograph, the Web3 brand pioneering a new era of digital experiences cofounded by Tom Brady, has announced a deal with AEG Presents, a leader in live entertainment and events. The multi-year partnership launches Autograph’s live entertainment vertical in NFT collectibles + iconic experiences and will officially kick off on March 25th at BUKU Music + Art Project, New Orleans’ premier two-day music and art festival.

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The Autograph Live event at BUKU will involve an auction of eight graffiti artists’ works in the shape of NFTs, as well as the opportunity for guests to create their own NFT festival posters on-site. Poster NFTs will be connected to the utility throughout the festival’s 2023 run. Following BUKU, Autograph will concentrate on similar activations for AEG-owned sites including Electric Forest, Hangouts Music Festival, and Firefly.

Autograph CEO Dillon Rosenblatt, said: “Festival Culture creates an opportunity to create and curate communities at scale using Web3. Our goal is to create an experience that resides digitally and physically to enhance the overall experience of festival attendees. We celebrate the connection between art and technology through an interactive experience at BUKU defined by AEG Excited to begin our partnership with Presents.”

Andrew Klein, Managing Director of AEG Global Partnerships, added: “This partnership gives our festivals a new, innovative format for celebrating their experiences and creating custom NFT collections. There is a lot of excitement about the return of BUKU. The autograph will help to extend that special spirit of the festival to the wider community and create a deeper connect with the audience.”

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Venues and festivals are vehicles for connection between artist and fan, and, paired with Web3, are poised for experimentation and innovation in the realm of music experiences. The most exciting aspect of Web3 is that it is being built collectively in real time, and live music will surely be an epicenter of activity.

Bridges are key constructs within Web3, whether they connect different protocols or blockchains for interoperability or they offer a link between the physical (IRL) and digital (URL) worlds. The concept of the Metaverse is complex, but if you break it down to relatable elements, it can appear more accessible. Using bridges to connect a known and familiar reality to an extended and amplified version could bring more users into virtual concert experiences.

One bridge could be a blockchain-based commerce engine like an NFT marketplace to power these interconnected experiences that deliver participatory access for music fans and provide domain transportability of unique digital assets through multiple instances of the Metaverse.