Make Informed Decisions On Learning And Connect With The Best Using ConnectClass !


The dream of every parent is to provide the best for their kids. But, in reality finding the best is always a tedious task as most is either unavailable in our database or at an unreachable distance for the kids. The same issue was faced by Bhavik and Samir of ConnectClass.

They were searching for activity classes for their kids, but found it very difficult to find all tutors and classes located in their vicinity at one place. Finally, they relied on reference to get class details for admission.

We thought that in today’s world where everything is available upfront, then why not learning classes. Learning can be for education, sports, kids activities, professional courses, health, etc.


With a strong will to solve the problem faced by many parents and a hope to help them in finding the best for their kids, Bhavik and Samir, grabbed hold of the opportunity to enter the space.

Our mission is to help users make informed decision. We want to reduce the gap between users and learning classes by providing complete information about the learning classes and connecting them easily.

Bhavik has 14 years of IT experience primarily in design, development and testing application using wide array of languages and platform. Samir has more than 10 years of experience in the field of finance and compliance. In ConnectClass, Bhavik takes care of IT and Samir takes care of Operations, Marketing & Finance.


ConnectClass is a marketplace for finding Tutors / Classes for education and activities. ConnectClass provides users a platform where they can post their requirement and can get connected with the Tutors and Classes in the locality they searched for.

We want users to rely less on reference by making them available with adequate information about the classes pertaining to the activities they are searching for, which can ultimately help them to make decision on class selection.

Unlike other startups, ConnectClass follows wizard based search criteria whereby a user based on certain questions can find tutors and classes which are more relevant to him. On receiving user’s requirement, the interested Tutors can contact the user to discuss in detail and take it further.

ConnectClass’s Journey

Currently they are building their customer base by promoting their app on social media networks and also outside schools and colleges where their target audience lies. The biggest challenge is to get updated details of the Service Providers (Classes / Tutors) since ConnectClass wants to provide the users with the most accurate and updated details of the Service Providers they are looking for.

As a founder, you are the one who need to drive everything. You are the one who will build the organisation, everybody else is a facilitator. So, whatever may be the situation, you always need to be on the driver’s seat.

Here is how they have traveled so far

They have raised an undisclosed seed funding from an investor which is used for product development. As of now, their focus is to add more and more Service Providers (Classes / Tutors), so that users have the option to select the best out of the lot for him. They are also working on to add more activities over the next few months.