Content Marketing vs Video Marketing: Which One And Why?

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Over the last few years, it’s become an established fact that content marketing is something that can’t be ignored if you want to market a brand – online or offline. While its importance keeps changing for every brand, it’s made it to most brand’s marketing mixes.

Content marketing resonates with customers because its tailored to their needs and interests. When a plus-sized woman sees an article/video which is trying to break stereotyped mindsets which relate beauty to size, she’s going to relate to it and share it with everyone else who will relate to it. Personalization is what content marketing helps brands do if they do it right and helps in conversions over a period of time. Being able to convey your brand personality without over-selling it is what helps build a trust in a brand.

For the longest time, content marketing has revolved around text in the form of blogs, social media posts or articles in newspapers. While pictures/creatives did take over, they continued to still have text as their primary mode of communication. However, we’ve seen it changing in the last couple of years. Video consumption has gone up 300x in the last year according to Facebook and rightly so.

Videos are easy on the eye and the brain and makes consumption of content easier and faster. While video marketing has been prevalent since our parents’ generation (with TVs becoming easily available), in the recent years it’s market penetration has increased, thankful to platforms like YouTube and Facebook. While YouTube has been around for many years now, Facebook pushing so much of its time and resources into videos in the last 2 years is one of the primary reasons why video is enjoying its presence in 2016.

Videos are a fresh breath in this world dying of information overload. Blogging enjoyed its days from 2007-2012 – and there are a dearth of bloggers in each industry to prove that.  There’s so much information out there on the world wide web that we cannot even fathom to process. Videos help process this information easier with audio and visual content. It’s easier to create an impact through a video than through a blog.

We’ve seen the attention span of consumers drop over the years – from newspapers to blogs to micro blogging. Video is the thing that is keeping them hooked today.

Even and writers are moving to create their content into videos to keep getting attention. Just look at the number of Vloggers that are on the rise – it’s the next wave of industry experts. Videos also have the highest virality potential. Consumers are more likely to share and re-share a video than another forms of content.

While brands can just wake up and add video marketing into their marketing mix, it’s important to ingrain it and weave it into your content marketing strategy. Videos, when personalized to your customers’ needs and traits will create a different bond with your customers and that is something every brand needs.

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