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Converge might partner with SpaceX to bring satellite internet to remote Philippine areas

SpaceX’s Starlink is the next big thing in the internet space, and companies are already lining up asking for the company’s service. Recently reports have come up suggesting that Converge might partner with SpaceX to bring internet to remote Philippine areas. As of now, no information about whether or not the partnership might go-ahead is out. However, it has been confirmed that the company is in talks with SpaceX regarding the same. After Converge confirmed this, their share prices increased by 20% in early trading time.

About Starlink

Starlink is a network of lower earth satellites that attempts to provide internet to all locations worldwide. The main premise of the network or service is to provide network connectivity to remote locations. The current target of SpaceX is to launch around 42,000 satellites over a period of time and cover all places all over the Earth. In order to connect the satellites with each other, the company also needs to build ground stations. Though now SpaceX has also been launching satellites with laser tech that allows connectivity without transmission from the Earth.

Converge might partner with SpaceX

Image Source: Observer.com

Till now, the company has launched almost 1000 satellites. SpaceX also said that they plan to roll out service globally once they reach 1500 satellites. Elon Musk said that the cost of internet connection would be same all over the world except the taxes snd shipping costs. And the areas that do have SpaceX’s Starlink service are paying $99 monthly and a $499 one time fee for the connection.

User satisfaction!

The most important thing about Starlink is user satisfaction. Starlink users have reported higher than reported speeds and are also happy with the reliability of the connection. An official from SpaceX also said that once they launch more satellites and build more ground stations, the network’s speed and reliability will get even better. It is important to note that now the number of users is very less, so as the customer base increases, it will be interesting to see how the company manages to maintain the network speeds.

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