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Cooked By Mom -Delivering Home Cooked Food At Your DoorSteps !


Food Delivery – The Segment That Will Produce India’s Next Flipkart

Food delivery market is getting a lot of attention worldwide with a number of big players trying to enter this market. And rightly so !  While e-commerce companies have been making waves around the world and creating some of the largest enterprises around the global, the frequency of online shopping might not be as much as food consumption. Every individual has food every day and therefore it is being speculated around the globe that food delivery will produce some of the biggest companies around the globe in times to come.

The size of global online food delivery market is $370 billion whereas in India the size of this market is $14 billion. Harneet Singh, vice-president (marketing) at Domino’s Pizza recently told Business Standard in an interview that mobile app and online ordering are seeing high double-digit growth. Domino’s does 50,000 deliveries in a day, of which 15,000 are ordered online.

The Indian food delivery market especially heated up when Zomato, India’s largest patform for restaurant discovery, entered the food delivery business in February 2015.Besides Zomato, Tinyowl,Foodpanda, Tastykhana, JustEat, DeliveryChef are some of the other companies in India operating in this segment. Internationally, cab aggregator Uber entered the food delivery segment early this year. Also Google recently added food delivery to search (the feature is currently available in the USA and is expected to be rolled out globally very soon.)

Home delivery and takeaways are expected to increase in popularity in coming times as consumers are looking for convenient options. Late working hours and chaotic traffic is driving sales of home deliveries. In addition, people attending late night parties and ordering food when they get home are driving sales of 100% home delivery/takeaway. Home delivery also works well for food operators. This type of outlet requires a smaller space, which translates into lower and cheaper rentals and consequently,lower capital investment (rental deposit, interiors, furniture). In addition, ongoing operational costs (staffing, utilities, etc) are also lower.

In such time when the industry is sure to see a bright future, Cooked By Mom is delivering home cooked food to consumers at their dorrsteps.

About Cooked By Mom

Clearly a lot is happening in the food delivery market with a number of companies trying to deliver restaurant cooked food to your doorsteps. However, nothing really can beat the taste and the satisfaction of eating home cooked food.Cooked By Mom, a Bangalore based company that delivers home  cooked food to your doorsteps is trying to do exactly that.

The Cooked by Mom App helps you identify home chefs in your vicinity. The app then lists out information about the chef and about the food they have cooked today. Consumers can take a look at the menu and order through the app. Cooked By Mom promises to deliver your food within 45 minutes.

Home Chefs listed by the Cooked By Mom platform go through a stringent quality check process. Team Cooked By Mom visits the chefs, taste their food, check the kitchens and occasionally also have food consultants verify the quality of food. Home Chefs are also provided with packaging material and boxes to make sure that food is delivered to them in the right manner. The food provided by Cooked By Mom is priced anywhere between 80 to 100 INR.

The company has been working mostly through word of mouth marketing till now and has received a very good response. The company started off by targeting the Tech Park in Bangalore and is currently providing only lunch options.

Riding on the Current Trends in India

Apart from the big food delivery trend, the other trend that has emerged due to the rise of internet in India is that of empowering people to reach a larger audiences.Flipkart did the same with merchants, Zomato did the same for restaurants and the list of companies who achieved success because of empowering people continues.The advent of such sites has also made people confident of buying things online. A concept like Cooked By Mom therefore seems to have arrived at the right place at the right time in the Indian industry.

This is one trend that Cooked By Mom is capturing very well. A number of Home Chefs who cook really good food will be able to showcase their talent to the world, grow their business, create a brand for themselves and create a following to further expand their business. Quiet as expected a number of Home Cooks are ready to join the Cooked By Mom Team !

Healthy living in another trend that to some extend is being propelled by technology in India. More and more fitess apps , gyms and dieticians are making sure that fitness is always on the minds of Indians. In such times, Cooked By Mom is providing an option for people living away from their homes to get home cooked foods.

The company is also making sure that all the excess, leftover food is given to an NGO that the company is associated with.

Team & Future Plans of Cooked By Mom

Cooked By Mom was started by Anurag Kamandula and Malay Verma in June 2015. Anurag is a management graduate from IMI Delhi and has an extensive experience of working in the e-commerce sector in India. Malay on the other hand is a management graduate from NIT Trichy.

The company is expecting to serve about 250 orders by the end of July and 500 by September 5th. The app is currently available in Bangalore and soon will also be available in Chennai and Pune.




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