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Could Microsoft create a gaming metaverse too?



Microsoft is getting up to speed with gaming and it is only safe to say that Xbox will get much better in the future. However, you must be aware of the whole Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology that is taking over the world by storm, where everyone is just beginning to understand the prospects of this new virtual reality. There are multiple opportunities for this technology to revolutionize how we do things in real life and gaming is a major part of this whole technology development.

Yes, as Meta, formerly known as Facebook Inc., has announced to create its own metaverse, Microsoft is motivated to build one for itself too. The competition in the technology sector is cutthroat and Microsoft has recently made a vague commitment or announcement, kinda hard to get.

According to a report by The Verge, Microsoft Chief Executive, Satya Nadella told Bloomberg that Microsoft is absolutely certain in planning to create a gaming metaverse with full 3D capabilities. That is it! There is no information on this story beyond what Nadella has just confirmed. We now know that Microsoft is planning to excel in the gaming sector with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, kind of creating its own gaming metaverse.

I will try and give you a visual. Remember how in the movies, how players used to wear their VR and go full-battle in Virtual Reality with other players online, Microsoft must be thinking something like that, except that the other player might be sitting and playing hundreds of kilometres away. This is the power of creating a metaverse that gives users a VR experience.

However, Nadella was not at all clear on his vision and definition of the Metaverse. There is very limited information that we could gather out of Microsoft but at least now we know that the Windows-maker is planning to take over the gaming industry in the future.

However, is it safe to say that top Xbox games could be translated to full 3D visuals and Virtual Reality worlds created by Microsoft’s metaverse in the future? Hopefully yes.

Other than this, the gaming industry is getting bigger and bigger every year, and especially because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have gained time to play games online. As a result, the gaming industry has bloomed phenomenally in these past couple of months and considering this rise, the investors have invested a lot of capital in the gaming industry.

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