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Create messenger room on Instagram or know how to join or

Join or Create messenger room on Instagram with easy steps- 

With all the surprises that Instagram unboxes for you, here is another feature! Instagram Messenger Rooms. The messenger rooms on Instagram allow you to host a video chat which you can share with people via sending a link. A messenger room can let you form a video chat with up to 50 people at a time. It’s your best friend’s birthday during corona? Host a virtual party with Messenger room on Instagram! Are office colleagues virtual get together? Try messenger room on Instagram!

The only eligibility you ought to have to create messenger room on Instagram is your Instagram account to be linked with your Facebook account. However, if you are the one to join a messenger room on Instagram you don’t need to have an Instagram account or even a Facebook account for all that matters.

Create messenger room on Instagram

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How to create a Messenger room on with the Instagram application

  1. Launch the Instagram application on your device.
  2. Switch to the messenger section of your Instagram application by tapping the messenger icon in the top right of your screen. You can also do the same by swiping right from anywhere in your Instagram feeds section.
  3. In the top right section of your screen, there will be an icon of ‘video’. Tap on that.
  4. You will see an option of ‘Create a room’ at the top of your screen, proceed with it.
  5. The next step will be to add the usernames of people you want to be in your Instagram video room. Type the username in the search bar and when their names appear, tap on it.
  6. In case you want to write a message about your group you can also do that.
  7. Later, tap on the ‘Send’ option and then select ‘Join Room’.
  8. Another way to send people your Messenger room is to copy the link and then send it to whoever you want to.
  9. Press ‘ok’ and continue with the Messenger app, later, tap on ‘join on the room lobby screen’.
  10. When you join the Messenger room your identity will speak of the messenger name.


Note: Make sure you are in the Messenger room you created before others can join.


How to join a messenger room with the Instagram application

  1. Tap the ‘direct’ or ‘messenger’ icon in the top right or swipe left from anywhere in the feed.
  2. After this tap on the message thread on your screen
  3. Next, follow the link to the room
  4. On-screen instructions to join the room will appear on your screen, follow that.























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