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How to Change Your Display Name on Gmail?

Change Your Display Name on Gmail with easy steps. 

We probably created your Gmail accounts when our teachers during our schooltime asked us to. Now some of us would simply set our names to tell the world that they were a big Justin Beiber Fan and some of us would simply write how we felt. For instance lonelygirl99? Well, we didn’t use much of Gmail anyway back then. Our mailbox was just a safe case for emails to create accounts of various Social Media sites. Imagine you had to send your resume for an interview with the same Display Name on Gmail, would have been quite embarrassing right? Now, we use Gmail for carrying out tasks like communicating with colleagues and sometimes even with clients you would want to give a first good impression to.

A plain Gmail name of you will give the receiver the touch of professionalism even before she opens the mail to read the content. Not only will you be taken more seriously but also your words will weigh a lot.

Change your Display Name on Gmail with few easy steps.

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Follow these simple steps to change Gmail username- 

  1. Head straight to the settings icon on your Gmail website. It is displayed on the screen in the shape of gear on the upper right corner of the window.
  2. A list of drop-down menu will appear on your screen. Click on  “See All Settings” from all the options.
  3. Click on the option of ‘Accounts’.
  4. Select the “Edit Info,” which is located to the right of the email display name that you wish to change in the “Send Mail as” column.
  5. Type the new display name in the “Name” field below your present display name.
  6. Click on the ‘Save Changes’ when you complete all the steps. After this, all the emails you send will be sent with your new Display name.

In case you are wishing to change the Display name on Gmail with a mobile device like Android, iPhone, or iPad while using the Gmail app, we’d like to tell you that it is not possible. You can change your Display Name on Gmail



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