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Creative Tools to generate AI Art

Art as a human activity has evolved a lot around the last few centuries. Drawing and paintings acted as symbols of renaissance, triggered revolutions, and brought upon societal changes.

With the invention of computers and later the internet boom, a new form of art, digital art was born. Paints, brushes, and graphite got replaced with screens, mouse, and keyboard. Even at that point of time,an AI art generator was still unimaginable for human minds.

Art as a nuance and emotional activity was believed to be monopoly of human brains. Even after the introduction of artificial intelligence and such highly advanced software in the tech world, art was still considered to be impossible for artificial intelligence.

Things changed rapidly in 2014 when American computer scientist Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues designed a generative adversarial network (GAN). Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are a machine learning technique that involve a pair of neural networks collaborating in a game-like setting. The generator network generates new data that closely resembles a training dataset, while the discriminator network identifies and differentiates between genuine and synthetic data.

What is an AI art?

AI art refers to the type of art produced with the help of artificial intelligence, which may include paintings or images generated by AI art makers. These days, there are various AI art generators accessible, some of which operate independently, while others work in partnership with humans to create the desired artwork.

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As a subfield of computer science, artificial intelligence focuses on developing machines and systems that can imitate human intelligence and learning.

What are AI art generator tools?

AI art generator tools are software applications or platforms which makes use of artificial intelligence algorithms to generate a diverse range of artwork, spanning from images and videos to even music. Such AI art generator tools assist artists, creators, and designers in increasing their efficiency, reducing the time taken for each creation and increasing creativity.

Artbreeder, CF Spark AI Art Generator, Runway ML, CF Spark Pattern Generator, Artisto, Canva, Prisma and Deep Dream Generator are few renowned AI art generator tools. Even though these tools are working on basis of algorithm and artificial intelligence, each of them have their own unique capacities and ways of creating art.

1 – Artbreeder

Joel Simon’s Artbreeder is a collaborative art website that utilizes machine learning algorithms, specifically StyleGAN and BigGAN, to produce and modify a wide range of images across different categories such as faces, landscapes, and paintings. By harnessing the power of these algorithms, Artbreeder allows users to create and customize unique and diverse artworks.

Pros –

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Powerful Machine Learning Algorithms
  3. Fast and Efficient
  4. Collaboration between users

Cons –

  1. Issues with quality and consistency
  2. Need stable internet connection
  3. Limited control for users on final output
  4. Limited file formats

2 – CF Spark Art

CF Spark Art is an AI-powered image generation tool that uses deep learning algorithms to create realistic and customizable images, including portraits, landscapes, and even animated GIFs.

With a fast and efficient user friendly interface, CF Spark AI Image Generator enables users to generate high quality images. 

Pros –

  1. Efficient image generation
  2. Highly realistic and detailed images
  3. Images from various categories
  4. User friendly interface 
  5. Customizable styles

Cons –

  1. Usage may be limited without the Spark subscription
  2. Requires internet connection

3 – Prisma 

Prisma is a mobile application that utilizes AI to transform images into works of art. By analyzing the structure of an image with deep learning algorithms, Prisma is able to apply complex, painterly effects and recreate it in a new artistic style.

Pros –

  1. Wide range of filters and styles
  2. Accessibility
  3. Easy-to-use Interface

Cons –

  1. Limited options for customization
  2. Loss of detail and clarity
  3. Requires an active internet connection

4 – CF Spark Pattern Generator

CF Spark Pattern Generator is an innovative tool that employs AI technology to enable users to produce distinctive patterns and designs effortlessly. The tool is specifically developed to assist artists and designers in creating visually attractive, personalized designs rapidly and seamlessly, utilizing sophisticated deep learning algorithms.

Pros –

  1. User-friendly simple interface
  2. Time-saving
  3. Generate an extensive range of patterns and designs
  4. High-quality output

Cons –

  1. Requires internet connection
  2. Usage may be limited without the Spark subscription

5 – Artisto 

Artisto is a mobile application that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform videos into stunning works of art. The app utilizes sophisticated deep learning algorithms to scrutinize each frame of a video, applying intricate and captivating artistic effects.

Pros –

  1. Social sharing
  2. Easy to use
  3. Unique effects

Cons – 

  1. Require significant processing power
  2. Usage may be limited for some users
  3. Limited control for users on final output