Crypto Millions Lotto Expands to India, Adding Four New Mega Jackpot Lotteries

Crypto Millions Lotto announced on December 20th that it has expanded its mega jackpot offerings to the Indian market. In addition, this Bitcoin-oriented lottery platform will feature four new additional draws, including two India-based games (India Millions Lotto and India Fantasy 5) and two of the largest US lotteries (Mega Millions and Powerball). 

Following this milestone, Crypto Millions Lotto is set to increase its market share by expanding past the European market. Notably, the mega jackpot lotteries on Crypto Millions Lotto will also be available in other countries, including Brazil, Russia, Japan and Korea. So far, the platform has facilitated several multi-million jackpots, featuring Bitcoin payments. 

According to Crypto Millions Lotto CEO Sulim Malook, Bitcoin proposes a significant value proposition in enabling access to global lotteries, 

“And as our lotteries are played using bitcoin, they’re double the fun, combining the thrill of huge payouts with the excitement of winning bitcoin. For those who don’t currently hold bitcoin, that’s no problem, you can get it directly on our website. It’s simple, quick, and easy, and we guarantee we’ll convert it at a better rate than anywhere else.”

With Bitcoin as the base currency, anyone can purchase entries to some of the featured lotteries, including the UK National Lottery, Euromillions and LottoMax. The minimum deposit amount is $12.50 worth of Bitcoin. However, participants can deposit more depending on their financial capability and risk appetite. 

Besides the global lotteries, Crypto Millions Lotto features other games where players can participate through microbitcoin units (0.000001 BTC). Some of the popular games on this platform include Black Jack, Triple Edge poker cards, Super Reno and Caribbean poker. They also recently added Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. 

While the lotteries and games are the primary offerings on Crypto Millions Lotto, the platform features a generous affiliate program. Essentially, participants can earn a passive income by sharing their referral links, up to 15% on new sales and a 5% cut if a referee is lucky enough to win one of the jackpots. 

Going by the recent Crypto Millions Lotto expansion, it is evident that Bitcoin is becoming a popular way to access global markets. Sulim Malook was keen to emphasize their mission of giving everyone access to some of the largest mega jackpots globally, 

“Our mission is simple. We want to give everyone the chance to play for the world’s biggest jackpots. With access to 12 of the world’s best-known lotteries, we offer an unrivalled experience — something for everyone”