Crypto to outperform traditional investments expects 80% of Institutional investors

Bitstamp recently conducted a survey that shows that 4 in 5 institutional investors believe that crypto will outperform traditional investments. This is a huge win, as unless we have major investors, a rally is unlikely to happen. The survey also showed that 70% of them believe crypto to be trustworthy, and 68% are actively recommending the asset class in their investment strategies. This doesn’t come as a surprise because Bitcoin has already been the best-performing asset of the decade. We can only expect the same!

Institutional Investors believe crypto will outperform traditional investments

The survey included 28,563 participants from 23 countries which included 1st world countries and developing nations. So, the database is quite wide to consider the survey results accurate. Out of the total participants, the majority were retail investors at 23,113, and the remaining 5,450 were institutional investors. One may expect that the belief in crypto would have been more prominent on the retail side; it’s actually the opposite.

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While 75% of retailers think that crypto will go mainstream in the next decade, 88% of institutional investors agree the same. And we already mentioned that 80% of them also think that crypto will outperform traditional assets. This shows that professionals have started to understand the potential of the industry. The same cannot be said about retailers, as only half of them agree to the same.

The performance of an asset class might be excellent or a little dodgy during a period, but what’s most important is that investors keep their trust and keep holding. And in that regard, the survey shows that retailers and institutional investors find crypto trustworthy on a similar level.

What can we expect from the industry in the next 10 years?

If the past decade is any indication, then crypto is going to get a lot better by 2030. We will have proper regulations in every country, the adoption would have happened, the technology would be superior to prevent hacks, and most importantly, the market cap of BTC might surpass Gold. All this might sound super optimistic, but that’s only because I believe in the asset class. If you don’t, that’s perfectly fine as well.

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