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Team CYD Tech Lab Is Chasing Dreams For Everyone With Over 6500 Customers Across The Globe

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The ultimate goal that keeps one alive- “CHASE YOUR DREAM“. This is how CYD Tech Lab came into the picture.

After having successful corporate careers, Mirdas, Vijay and  Anvar got together bearing in the determination to make a difference. By that time, three of them had the experience of over a decade in the IT industry, across both product and service based domains. As it happened, their interests complemented each other well and they agreed on one common goal – “Chase your Dreams!”

Thus, at that time there was just one name they could think of – ‘C-Y- D’ (Chase your Dreams) Tech Lab. In order to begin working on various ideas in the product development space, they rented out a studio apartment in Bangalore.

 CYD’S Visions and Beliefs

“Our focus stays on solving genuine problems of people through technological innovations. We understand that the gratitude and satisfaction you derive from helping people is truly priceless.”

– CYD Team

Their vision is to collaborate with like-minded and self-motivated talents and continue to enhance the open source communities that drive idea generation. They believe that when innovative and passionate people work together, great achievements happen. They also project scalability as something revolving around the expansion of a talent pool, more than financial prosperity.

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The team believes in battling the start-up war on their own terms rather than following the trend. Their mission is to chase the dreams rather than following the paths of similar entities running behind VC funding.

Because Winners Make Progress….

Since the beginning in 2015, CYD Tech Lab added several extensions for different eCommerce functionalities such as Payments, Shipping, UX, Migration, Marketing, etc. Currently, their site XAdapter.com sells extensions for WooCommerce and Magento, two of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world at the moment.

With more than 6500 customers across the globe, XAdapter.com has grown to become a unique marketplace that sells and supports premium WooCommerce plugins. They give a lot of credit for this to the transformative power of open source communities like WordPress and WooCommerce. They really provide developers with a lot of scopes to experiment and innovate.

“From our experience, monetary success is just a natural consequence of consistent high-quality efforts.”

– CYD Team

In the current scenario, the team is continuously researching and experimenting with different facets of eCommerce to find areas of improvement. Their intent is to ensure exceptional user experience in all the plugins that are created.

By now, CYD Tech Team has developed a nearly-flawless quality control process that ensures timely updates and bug fixes for all our products. A challenging but fulfilling aspect of their daily existence now is providing quick and reliable service to their customers.

You expect when you know there is a future…

Looking towards the future, CYD Team intends to broaden their horizon with a bouquet of mobile apps and specialized services catering exclusively to some of the vital functionalities of eCommerce stores. StorePep, WS Desk, etc are some of the initiatives in this direction. They also plan to open up the Xadapter marketplace to allow other developers to feature their products.

As mentioned earlier, they intend to create a strong talent pool that can resolve potentially any problems in the eCommerce domain. They are in the process of working out enterprise-level solutions and customized products. They also see themselves not just as market leaders, but also as thought leaders. A majority of their customers are from the USA, and with their current three-digit growth rate, they should be crossing one million USD revenue target in the next year. Their present team strength is 16, which includes a group of passionate developers and WordPress enthusiasts.

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