Darknet: Hackers sold passwords of senior govt officials in just ₹3,000
The cybercriminals released the email addresses of mine department officers as a reference.

Senior government employees are the next target audience for cybercriminals after normal citizens. The personal emails and passwords of prominent Rajasthani government officials are currently being offered on the dark web by hackers, and it is only priced at Rs 3,000, or $40.

Generally, the darkweb is different from the normal internet browsing.

In an attempt to expose the password and email address of a senior Rajasthani government official, the cybercriminals initially sought compensation of $40.

The cybercriminals released the email addresses of mine department officers as a reference. Email accounts for Collectors and other officials were put on the list.

A statement in the Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar alleges that a hacker with the online handle Truefactor published the personal email information for sale.


What is the darknet used for?

The dark web typically varies from regular browsing the web. Several sorts of browsers are used to access the darknet or dark web, which is primarily utilized for the sale of illegal items such as narcotics and weapons.

For now, criminals and terrorists utilise the darknet mainly to carry out domestic and global offences of all sorts.

On the dark web currently, cybercriminals are also offering a service on “how to access passwords.”

Pay and get access to passwords:

On the darknet, hackers are keen to share passwords with anyone. They simply ask for payment in accordance with certain instructions.

“I am aware that my email id is hacked. Some days back, I got a call from ATS. After that I changed the password,” said a mining department official from Rajasthan.

Be aware and alert:

You need to make sure that you are signing in to the original website in order to keep from becoming prey to cybercriminals. Make sure the page you are visiting is a genuine URL rather than a phishing webpage by verifying the URL.

Avoid opening spam emails:

Most commonly, malicious emails meant to collect your personal details are included in spam emails.

Don’t keep the same password for different sites:

Cybersecurity experts suggest avoiding utilizing the same password across multiple platforms because doing so doubles the possibility of identity theft by cybercriminals.

About Darkweb:

The information of the World Wide Web that can only be accessed with the software application, configurations, or authorisation is known as the “dark web,” which corresponds to overlay networks that utilise the Internet.

Private computer networks can interact and perform transactions secretly on the dark web without revealing personal data like a user’s location.

Even though the word “deep web” is frequently misused to refer exclusively to the dark web, the dark web simply makes up a small fraction of the deep web, the section of the Web which search engines do not index.

Little peer-to-peer connections among people are part of the darknets which makes up the dark web, together with big, well-known networks managed by individuals and public institutions like Tor, Freenet, I2P, and Riffle.

Because it lacks encryption, the normal web is known as Clearnet by users of the dark web. Underneath the network’s top-level domain suffix. onion., the onion routing traffic anonymization mechanism is applied to the Tor dark web, commonly known as onionland.