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DearMob iPhone Manager: The Best iPhone Manager for iOS Data Transfer in 2021

DearMob iPhone Manager

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We can all agree on the fact that “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone”, right? Well, it is true to a great extent but every product or technology cannot be perfect and even your expensive, favorite iPhones have underlining flaws that hide behind that flashy iPhone logo.

Apple iTunes, the official iPhone manager had a good run for its time. You could organize your iPhone, iPad, iPod devices pretty well with iTunes. Organizing your photos, music, videos, movies, books, and TV shows would have been a task if it weren’t for iTunes. The software was everything that an iPhone, iPod, and iPad user could need to manage their files and media but unfortunately, Apple decided to do away with iTunes on macOS and Windows.

Now in 2021, if we visit the Apple website for iTunes, it says “iTunes is going places” that means now all of your iPhone data will automatically synchronize with Apple’s proprietary software- Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, Apple TV, and Apple Books apps where, fortunately, users will still have all of their iTunes functionality and access to their go-to iTunes features, including purchases, imports, and rentals.

Ever since iTunes is dead, users have been facing multiple issues in transferring their data back and forth between their iPhone and Windows or macOS. There have been reported cases of data loss, loss of non-purchases media after sync, and much more. There are third-party iTunes alternatives available online that manage your iPhone pretty well but not all, as they tend to pose a great risk to your iPhone data.

iTunes got extremely outdated when it was discontinued, the interface was clean but very slow for transferring large chunks of data to and from iPhones, and sometimes, the hours-long data transfer would cancel automatically at halfway, super frustrating!

If you are like the others and are looking for an alternative for iTunes, DearMob iPhone Manager is the best iPhone manager for iOS Data Transfer in 2021.

DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is a must-have application if you own an iPhone. It is a robust iOS backup and transfer tool that every iPhone user will cherish. You can transfer anything to and from an iPhone within seconds with just a few simple clicks. Back up all of your personal files, including photos, videos, movies, books, contacts, media files, documents, and everything from an older iPhone to a newer iPhone, Windows PC, MacBook, and external hard drives.

If you are looking to manage all of your iPhones with an iPhone manager, I assure you that DearMob iPhone Manager is the best iTunes alternative. It is easy to use and safer than iTunes in iPhone management. The tool works efficiently on Windows PC and Mac devices and is the best iPhone manager available in the market in 2021 to transfer, backup, restore and manage iPhone files.

DearMob iPhone Manager

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Why choose DearMob iPhone Manager?

There are many iPhone managing tools available online and after testing the top 10, I find DearMob iPhone Manager the best alternative to iTunes for managing my iPhone data. Here are a few simple reasons why:

  • Easy Backup and Transfer of over 15+ types of files.
  • Lightning fast, robust, and stable user interface for the best experience.
  • Efficiently manages iPhone data, retaining 100% quality in photos and videos transfer.

DearMob iPhone Manager: Features

iPhone users can access and preview iPhone data including photos, videos, media, music, and files directly from a desktop using DearMob iPhone Manager. The import, export, data backup and restore option preserves all of your app data without quality loss.

  1. Transfer iPhone photos and videos:

Transferring photos and videos from iPhones has never been easier. DearMob iPhone Manager is by far the most effective and efficient tool in transferring and managing all of your photos and videos on an iPhone. No more waiting to take out time to transfer and backup your iPhone photos on desktop, simply plug your iPhone or iPad in, and with just a few simple clicks, you can transfer all of your photos and videos across iPhone, iPad, iPod devices, and computers at high resolution and with EXIF data preserved. Other than this, for iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max users, Apple ProRAW images are also supported on DearMob iPhone Manager.

  1. Transfer iPhone music:

Managing your iPhone playlists is a left-hand’s play with DearMob iPhone Manager. The tool allows for two-way sync at super-fast lightning speeds. Users can also add non-iTunes songs to iPhones with DearMob, something which has been a major task with iTunes. Now, you can manage all of your iPhone songs, transfer across devices without a shred of quality loss, only with DearMob iPhone Manager. Convert from one file type to another and create ringtones with your iPhone music, everything without the need for iTunes. Download DearMob iPhone Manager and sort your iPhone equation, for life!

  1. Backup and Restore:

DearMob iPhone Manager allows you to take full control over your iPhone backup and restore, offering a full range of iPhone and iPad options. Users can select the backup and restore of their iPhones according to their preference between full, incremental, selective backup and restore. There are specific iCloud limitations while backing up your iPhone or iPad using iTunes or any third-party backup and restore tool that corrupts your data backup and shows corruption errors. In short, the backup and restore process on iPhones are a pain in the bum, but only until you download DearMob iPhone Manager. Get rid of all your iTunes backup errors and corrupt backups and most of all, change your iPhone backup location to a designated folder, only with DearMob iPhone Manager.

  1. Password protection:

Password protection is important! It is the best way to ensure immediate protection of your data and with DearMob iPhone Manager, iPhone users can password protect and encrypt all of their iPhone backup files, media files, photos, videos, etc. with a military-grade algorithm. This is a premium feature because even the top iPhone managers available online do not support password protection on iPhone backups.

  1. Convert incompatible files:

Apple’s iOS is a secure mobile Operating System and a thousand times better than Android when it comes to safety and security. iOS is a close-ended software that does not allow third-party applications to make changes to an iPhone’s original firmware and this means that there are selective formats in which a user can access their files and media on iPhones. DearMob iPhone Manager allows users to convert photos, videos, media files, books to Apple-friendly formats with just a few simple clicks, again a premium feature.

DearMob iPhone Manager

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Over the years, using an iPhone has been a great experience but data loss can happen at any time to anyone. Accidents happen and even the newest iPhones with the latest iOS installed can go berserk and lose all of your personal files. So, backing up your iPhone data is not an option, it is a necessary choice that you should make every now and then to keep all of your files and memories safe. For a sense of satisfaction, one back may not be enough, users can always take regular backup of their iPhones and save an extra copy in an external hard drive, just in case!

When it comes to transferring your iPhone data, taking a backup, restoring your iPhone, or simply managing your iPhone, DearMob iPhone Manager is a stellar tool that can do all of that with 100% efficiency in just a few simple steps and under one roof, so that you don’t have to download multiple software on your desktop.

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