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Death Stranding Director Cut is rumored for PC

According to the leaked press release, Kojima Productions Death Stranding Director Cut will land on the PC. Death Stranding Director Cut was canceled for PC and released for PS4 and PS5 at the end of 2021 and added brand new post-game content, racing mode, new weapons, and more features for the pilots of Hideo Kojima in his own studio. In September 2021, Director’s Cut of PlayStation 5 released new features and mechanisms, making it the most authoritative game version so far.

Death Stranding Director Cut

Credit @ Kojima Productions

Along with various other video game makers such as PUBG Studios and Ubisoft, 505 Games appears to be taking advantage of Intel’s new AI-based scaling technology with a new version for PC. As per the leaks floating around it would be the first game to feature AI-based Intel XeSS scaling technology for boosting the gameplay experience. Death Stranding has been an extremely popular game among PC gamers, and we’re thrilled to see how the new Intel XeSS technology improves the Director Cut experience for gamers. The press release actually says it will have an exclusive integration, which makes us wonder if NVIDIA DLSS will also be available (as in the base version of Death Stranding) or not.

The game is currently only available on the Sony platform, which means that avid PC gamers only have the general version of the game. “Death Stranding” PS5 version adds new hard mode, long-range shooting, racing, expanded storyline, etc., these contents are likely to be available in the PC version. As pointed out by WccFTech, VideoCardz quoted an anonymous source as saying that “Death Stranding” director Cut PC is in development, and the source allegedly provided a press release about the game to the publication.

I don’t see any discounts on the upgrade yet, but Death Stranding Director Cut is available in the PlayStation Store and costs $ 50 for new players. And to summarize my current discoveries, Death Stranding Director Cut was also leaked by Nvidia, where it was listed as 505 Games, which will release the game on PC. The game takes place in the United States at the end of the world.

It’s easy to randomly tag a major set with “pretty graphics”, but Death Stranding really deserves it, not for its realism, frame rate, or some technical jargon, but for how unique it is, both stylistically and tonally. This, like Metal Gear games in the past, could change the way games are presented. Among them is a new combat mechanic designed to make opponents more exciting in battle. Melee attacks have been improved, now you can get a new maser cannon and installed machine guns. Check out the new trailer, it takes you through all the exciting improvements and new features for the first time.

Hopefully, the Kojima Productions team will provide us with more information as we approach the Director Cut release date soon. Be sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as they become available. Porting this game to PC is actually inevitable – we expect to be officially announced soon.





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