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Deepika Padukone deletes all posts, Twitter reacts

Deepika Padukone deletes all posts from Instagram and Twitter reacts

The all popular Bollywood Diva Deepika Padukone removed all her posts from her social media profiles on Twitter and Instagram. While eager fans could have been waiting for a surprise or at least a ‘Happy 2021’ post, much to their shock the actress removed all her posts from social networking sites. All of this happened during flash seconds for followers and many also believed that her accounts were hacked. This rumor was clarified bogus when Deepika on Friday released the first audio for her Audio diary.

In her audio, she recorded a message for all her followers-

“Hi everyone, welcome to My Audio Diary, a record of my thoughts and feelings. 2020 was a year of uncertainty for everybody but for me, it was also about gratitude and about being present, and for 2021, all I can wish for myself and everybody is good health and peace of mind. Happy New Year”

During the past years, Deepika has been really active on her social media accounts. So much so that her Instagram account has around 52.5 million followers while 27.7 million followers on micro-blogging site Twitter.

Users of Twitter have a varied opinion here. Some are supporting here move, critic tweets have also been published and well others think this is another strategic move.


People criticizing after Deepika Padukone deletes all posts

Hilarious twitter memes-

Tweets supporting Deepika Padukone




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