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The claim of Microsoft acquiring Sony for $130 billion was false

It was Microsoft’s securing of producers of Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, the US-based ZeniMax, which is the parent of Bethesda that a couple of Playstation owners hit a nerve. Yet the information on Microsoft acquiring Sony for $130 billion has left many confused. The whole world woke up to the astonishing features that read “Microsoft gets Sony with every one of its divisions, including PlayStation.”

Obviously, this bit of information, with no earlier insinuation, left many pondering. While some doubted the credibility of the data, many couldn’t really accept that what had simply occurred. The securing of a combination, for example, Sony by another monster, and an opponent at that, normally started a discussion on the web.

 Is the claim of Microsoft acquiring Sony for $130 billion real?

The article was shared by a site called “Microsofters” and before long got removed as clients shared its Engligh-interpreted form by EN24 news via web-based media. IBTimes reality check work area researched the case and discovered it to be bogus.

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