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‘Delete Facebook’ trends on Twitter

The echoes of ‘Delete Facebook’ have been heard on Twitter even before. However this time the reason behind the clamour is even more concerning. Granted, Facebook does have a knack for hitting the wrong note with users whether it be on grounds of privacy or ethical standards. At the moment, the platform is once again under scrutiny as chat messages lead to abortion charges. Facebook was accused of handing over chat messages that led to the illegal abortion charges, which infuriated social media users who began chanting ‘Delete Facebook.’ Is it really time to boycott Facebook, or is their some benefit of doubt? Read along to know more.

Delete Facebook

The What and Why

Forty-one-year old Jessica Burgess is facing allegations of performing illegal abortion, thanks to the Facebook chat messages. Jessica Burgess gave the abortion pills to her 17-year old daughter Celeste Burgess (with her consent) last year in Nebraska. At the time, Celeste was 23 weeks pregnant. The pair were charged with felony – removing or abandoning a body – in early June. However, the retrieved chat messages where they discussed the use of abortive pills lead to charges of illegal abortion.

As per the Nebraska law, aborting a fetus after 20 weeks is deemed illegal. This was enacted way before the Roe vs Wade controversy. According to the reports from the Norfolk Daily News, both the mother and daughter pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Enforcement of abortion restriction in the US has already erupted widespread debate and discussion about Women’s rights and whether in the 21st century, we are going to a Draconian framework of living. The tremors caused by striking down of Roe vs Wade in June by the Supreme Court, hasn’t faded yet. This recent case adds to the gravity of the situation while also bringing into scrutiny the dangers of the data collected by companies like Facebook. The case is a good example of how these data can be used for the enforcement of abortion restrictions in the US.

The fury of users is evident in the tweets that urge people to delete Facebook as the case brings into question the company’s readiness to compromise user privacy. Let us flip through a couple of reactions and responses on Twitter to gauge the situation.

Facebook should perhaps review and reconsider their privacy policy.

Now that is one considerate user.

A new nightmare in the making. Is Meta proving over and over again that the word ‘trust’ is absent in their dictionary?