Delete these apps with Joker Malware from your Android
Delete these apps with Joker Malware from your Android

Delete these apps from your Android phones immediately, it may have Joker Malware

If you are a person who is using Android phones, make sure you read this entire article on how malware named Joker Malware is being spread through various downloaded apps from Google Play Store.

According to various media reports, a team of cybersecurity scientists and researchers from Pradeo has discovered the presence of Joker Malware in four apps on Google Play. These four apps had a combined downloaded number of more than 100000.

Apps detected with Joker Malware –

  1. Smart SMS Messages,
  2. Blood Pressure Monitor,
  3. Voice Languages Translator, and
  4. Quick Text SMS.

Joker Malware is one of the most interminable malware ever detected on apps in the Google Store. Each and every time, these types of malware go unnoticed as they are programmed to stay under the radar of Google Play’s detections and verification process.

Google has already removed these apps from Google Play Store. But it is important to stay cautious as more similar apps with Joker Malware in it can appear anytime.

What is Joker Malware, and how does it work?

Joker Malware was first detected in 2017 by cybersecurity experts and researchers. These types of malware are specifically designed to attack apps in android systems, as passing through the verifications process of iOS is always difficult due to very efficient security measures.

This malware mostly hides behind the basic features such as utility and functions of the app. Once a user downloads an app with Joker Malware, the malware gets into the mobile device and starts to steal various private data such as text messages, contact lists, contact information etc.

These kinds of personal data are in high demand in black markets for tech data, as it is very useful for cyberattackers and such groups to target specific groups of people.

These data along with OTP texts users receive on their android devices can be used to sign up for various premium services and streaming platforms. At the end of the day, all the money required for these premium services would be debited from the bank accounts of the customers.

How can android users protect their devices from Joker Malware?
  1. Make sure your android devices are updated with the latest security and system features all the time.
  2.  Avoid installing any free antivirus software as much as possible. Most of the time malware uses the loopholes in these antivirus systems which would end up causing more trouble.
  3. Make sure that only necessary data accessing permission are given to an app downloaded from Google Store. Ex- Scanner apps do not need access to the contact list.
  4. Check for apps or services in your device itself. Most of the time, whatever services you require are already present in your device itself in various forms.
  5. Make sure that the apps which you download from Google Play are developed by authentic groups or individuals. Read necessary details from Google Play regarding the app, and its necessary data needs.
  6. Avoid downloading apps with a low rating on Google Play as it may refer to security and functional issues with the application