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DeLorean is coming back with a brand new electric vehicle
DeLorean Motor Company is back for the future with a new EV

A series of the original DeLoren parked

DeLorean is coming back with a brand new electric vehicle.
Source: The Mercury News

Reportedly, the latest entrant in the race for the EV market share is coming back with an all-electric DeLorean. Previously, the film “Back to the Future” had made this ‘gull wing’ sports car from DeLorean Motor Company a pop culture icon. Apparently, the automaker is set to make comeback with its all new car.

The ‘iconic’ gull-winged vehicle is under resurrection in San Antonio, Texas following the revival of the DeLorean Motor Company. Reportedly, the group of engineers behind this are ones who worked for China-backed EV startup Karma Automotive based in Irvine, in collaboration with Stephen Wynne. Wynne had acquired the branding rights of DeLorean during the 1990s, along with its supplies parts for the remaining vehicles, approximately 6,000 in number.

Along with a social media campaign this week, teasers to the new EV from DeLorean came forward. Notably, this campaign emerged just before Super Bowl LVI, which invited viewers to sign up for the premiere of the teasers this year. In fact, reports suggest that the next vehicle with the banner of DeLorean would be the all electric ‘Alpha5.’

The Vice President of Brand and Creative of DeLorean Motor Company, Neilo Harris gave in a statement on the development. He stated how they had been gifted with the opportunity ‘to re-imagine a brand’ that bore so much meaning to several people around the world.

“DeLorean has touched so many lives and set the stage for so many memories… we are now witnessing a new chapter of this amazing story.”

Previously in the 1980s, the original DeLorean Motor Company initiated the development of a sedan featuring a pair of gull-wing doors. However, the automaker went bankrupt prior to them finishing it. Moreover, this happened before it got featured in the first ‘Back to the Future’ film.

Evidently, the brand new car would keep the coupe silhouette in place as it raises the utility level a bit with more seating space. Crucially, the brand new Alpha5 would include those iconic doors that swing up to showcase the two rows of seats in this sedan. The revived company is called DeLorean Motors Reimagined LLC, with its headquarters at the Texas location.

The new CEO for the company is Joost de Vries, who held the position of vice president of sales at Karma for six year. Moreover, the new chief marketing officer, Troy Beetz, along with the vice president of engineering for DeLorean, are both from Karma. Beetz gave in a statement on the news specifying how ‘Alpha5 is representation’ for the 40-year history of the company.



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