Details on Boring Company’s underground transport Tesla fleet

The Boring Company successfully built and runs The Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop. Passengers are currently traveling underground in the Tesla fleet. Though details about the loops travels are known, the Tesla car details were unveiled only recently.

Boring Company's Las Vegas Loop with Tesla cars goes into operation, and it is about to expand to the Strip and beyond - Electrek
Image credits- Electrek

As reported by TechCrunch, LVCC loop Tesla fleet follows certain set of rules. Drivers of the Tesla cars are advised to keep the conversation to minimum. So while driving the drivers can focus on driving, which ensures safety of the passengers. Also, drivers are given a script, which includes everything from the costs of the tunnels, to how Elon Musk is like as a boss.

Furthermore, the Tesla cars has a unique RFID chip which enables for the company to locate the car within the tunnels. Currently, Boring Company is using 62 Tesla cars. Each car details like speed, state of charge, number of passengers, number of occupants who are wearing seatbelts, are all recorded. There are 81 fixed cameras from which video are streamed in real-time from cabins. All the data can be observed and controlled from the cabins known as Operations Control Center. Two weeks videos are stored in the center. Commincating with cars from the cabins is easy and quick through Bluetooth headset or in-car iPad.

Safety is priority

With safety in mind, the speed limits are set at 10 mph at the stations and at 40 mph in straight tunnels. Every Tesla car maintains at least 6 second separation from each other. Tesla autopilot is yet to be used, so these cars will continue to run with drivers for now.

Regardless of whether Tesla cars have autopilot, the system reduces accident rates. Customers are taking the idea in fun and better way without traffic to travel. Depite the speed limitations, the rides are smooth and much safer. While better speed limits with other models are currently under construction by Boring Company’s rivals. Making the underground system which is cheap yet safe was possible with LVCC loops, which in turn reduces costs for each ride.

Busy tunnel activity was observed a couple of weeks ago. Once the team communications continue to be smooth, it is possible that they will use Tesla autopilot system. In addition to advancing Boring Company’s fleet, that would be an opportunity to fully use Tesla FSD.

Considered as Elon Musk’s hobby company, Boring company seems to be move forward at quicker pace than anticipated. It wouldn’t be surprising if there are many LVCC loops all over the US in couple of years.