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Deutsche Telekom Edges Closer to T-Mobile Control After Deal

Deutsche Telekom AG paid SoftBank Group Corp. $2.4 billion to increase its share in T-Cell US Inc., bringing it closer to its goal of controlling the US business.

According to an announcement made Wednesday, the Bonn-based telecoms corporation now owns 48.4 percent of the company after purchasing 21.2 million shares at a mean value of $113 per T-Cell share. The company is buying the interest with a portion of the nearly 4 billion euros it received from the recently completed sale of T-Cell Netherlands.

While European telecom companies are struggling due to tough competition and stringent regulation, Deutsche Telekom has long stated that it wants to increase its position in the US business, which accounts for over two-thirds of the group’s sales.

In Frankfurt, Deutsche Telekom shares jumped roughly 1%, while T-Cell shares rose 0.8 percent in pre-market trading in New York. SoftBank ended the day with a 2% gain.

SoftBank had already negotiated a deal with Deutsche Telekom to sell a portion of its T-Cell US interest. Following the completion of a mega-merger with Dash Corp. in 2020, the Japanese corporation ended up with a share in the US agency.

The Japanese company agreed to trade around 45 million T-Cell shares for a 4.5 percent stake in Deutsche Telekom AG in September of last year. SoftBank was able to borrow money to fund its T-Cell investment as long as Deutsche Telekom was allowed to vote on the shares pledged as security.

Despite this, SoftBank owns around 39.7 million shares in T-Cell, valued at approximately $5.2 billion.

In September, Deutsche Telekom purchased 45 million shares in T-Cell as part of a settlement with SoftBank, giving it a 46.7 percent ownership in the company. Wednesday’s transaction involved the train of a name choice for 21.2 million shares and the purchase of an additional 9.3 million shares. The weighted common value compared to a closing value of $130.42 on Tuesday.

T-subscriber Cell’s growth projections for 2022 have surpassed the forecasts of most analysts. The service has an advantage over competitors because to its early deployment of fast 5G service, which allowed the company sign 646,000 customers in a fresh new business last year: wi-fi house broadband. By 2025, T-Cell expected to have more than 7 million home broadband subscribers.

T-Mobile is the brand name used by some of Deutsche Telekom AG’s mobile communications companies in the Czech Republic (T-Mobile Czech Republic), Poland (T-Mobile Polska), the United States (T-Mobile US), and the previous subsidiary in the Netherlands (T-Mobile Netherlands).



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