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Digital Art Exhibition By Nft Artists Begins
A two-week-long digital art exhibition titled 'Myths and Memes' by NFT artists has started at Café Papaya in Panampilly Nagar.


Credits: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

An exhibition with the working title “Myths and Memes” is now being shown at Café Papaya in Panampilly Nagar, which is situated in the metropolitan region of KOCHI. The time has come for the artists who work at NFT to show off the digital work that they’ve been working on. Viewers will have a total of fourteen days to see the show once it has been made accessible to them. The people behind this event, who go by the alias “101 India,” claim that each piece of artwork that will be displayed at this event will only have a single buyer and owner, and that neither curators nor galleries will be involved in the sale of any artwork. In addition, they claim that the sale of any artwork will not be facilitated by a third party. In addition, they assert that there will be no brokers or other intermediaries involved in the sale of any artwork. This claim was stated in conjunction with the assurance that there would be only one buyer and owner for each of the objects that were being shown, and both of these statements were presented in the present tense. It was spoken in the context of an assumption that there would be only one buyer and owner for each of the items that are now being shown, and that was the assumption that was being made when it was said.

It is expected that by the year 2021, Christie’s and Sotheby’s will have already performed NFT art auctions in the United States with combined total revenue of $250 million. This is based on current trends and projections.

Within the scope of this exhibition, the works of a total of fourteen distinct artists have been gathered for display. Artists such as Vidya, also known as Vabyvel, Archan Nair, Rima Kallingal, Ajay Menon, Prasad Bhat, Sachin Samson, and Satish Acharya are some of those who are active in this region and its surrounding areas. Throughout the whole of the presentation, there will also be accessible displays of Merkabah Boards that will serve as a bonus aspect. Artists Shaizy Umar, Fahd Hussein, Rajni Gadhvi, and Varun Desai are participating in the event as a way to show their support for 101 India and to spread awareness about the organization. Jibin Joseph, who acts as a participant in the action, is likewise a part of the action since he is involved in it.

“101 India has established NFT Creators Project with some of the top artist groups in India,” said Jaydeep Singh, who is not only the founder of I01 India but also the managing director of the Offbeat Media Group.



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