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Disadvantages Of Increasing Instagram Followers Through Bots

Many have been drooling-over-enticed with Instagram bots the moment they stepped into the limelight. An over-the-top increase in followers in a span of days? Some, overnight? Who wouldn’t want that, right? 

But, as is frequent when it comes to short-cuts, the downside far outflanks the benefits. Click here to get Instagram followers effectively, and read on for insight about the primary disadvantages of IG bots. 

Unrelated, Unengaging (Even Borderline Inappropriate) Comments 

Instagram bots are programmed to do a ton of social media work, from auto-follows, auto-unfollows, follow-backs, auto-likes and dislikes, auto-comments, and post deleting. Unsurprisingly, bots accomplish these feats in record time, and with much more to spare. 

That’s efficiency and speed on your side of the coin. Why is this important? Because, according to experts, in order to let your account stay active and relevant (along with a slew of other qualifications we’ll discuss later on), you’ll have to be vigilant in responding to any of the online activities of your followers and potential followers. 

Bots are the surface-solution to this, especially when we’re talking about numbers in the hundreds, thousands, and hundred-thousands. 

However, with regards to auto-comments, the jury is out. Most IG bots don’t run on Artificial Intelligence and don’t have the capacity for machine-learning. Instead, they trace patterns and isolate certain words and phrases to act upon. 

Putting It Into Perspective

A post could say something like, “Super loving this homemade double-cheeseburger! Everyone can order now by clicking on our website link.” 

A bot that’s wired towards the word “Order” may comment with something odd: “If you want to learn about Order and Organization at home, click this link for tips and how-tos.”

They don’t match. Beyond this disconnect, bots also cannot empathize. Thus, all that users will read are a bunch of obvious spam comments and messages instead of responses that are sensible, relatable, and real. 

A Decrease In Number Of Followers 

As a result of the first, unfollowing will soon follow suit (pun intended). This isn’t a surprise. When has spamming ever been NOT annoying? Never underestimate your followers. They can instantly tell what’s genuine and what isn’t, in the sphere of social media exchanges.

At the same time, unrelated comments and posts are a quick red flag. Nobody wants to be associated with an account that doesn’t care about its followers and is merely concerned about numbers. 

What’s worse is that the majority of Instagram bots out there act as “ghosts”. Unlike our previous example of comment-posting, these “ghosts” can only like and unlike posts. When users notice these ghost accounts and responses, they readily hit the unfollow button. After all, it takes no more than a second to do so. 

To add salt to the wound, surveys reveal that users don’t just unlike and unfollow such accounts. They take it to a whole other level. They hit the block button. If such activities are linked to your posts and comments, you’re most likely to witness the same result on your account. 

In the end, instead of bots working towards your end goal of increasing followers, the implicit reaction will be the exact opposite. An upfront dislike, an un-follow, or worse, a block.



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