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Elon Musk says thousands of Starlink beta invites going live in US this week

Starlink might be the next innovation in internet tech. At present, there are over 900 satellites that are providing network over Earth, and that is going to increase soon. Elon said that thousands of Starlink beta invites for testing would be out in a week. And that beta service that was available only in North US and Canada might be available in Europe by Feb 2021.

How’s the speed and who can access Starlink’s internet?

 Starlink beta invites are out

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As of now, we know that internet speed might is between 50 and 150 Mbps. Some can also experience speed higher than this according to the report. And users need to pay a $99 subscription fee with an additional $499 fee for the accessories to access the internet. Reports also suggest that Florida might also get access to the internet by January 2021.

For the company to provide internet in a country using Starlink they need the company’s approval. This is why it might be delayed till Feb 2021 for Europe. As for who can access the internet in the available regions, there will be email invitations sent out to selected people. Those who have shown interest and are willing to pay the upfront fee are being selected for beta testing.

Goal of Starlink

Right now only 900 satellites are out there which is projecting internet only over a limited area of Earth. The ultimate goal of the company is to launch over 12o00 satellites by the end of 2027 to cover the entire Earth. The number of satellites might also be increased to 42,000 to provide an even better range and faster internet connectivity across the globe. This means that in future, we can get access high-speed net everywhere be it a forest or a desert.

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