Do I deserve to be happy?

Do I deserve to be happy? Woman realizes something beautiful about life!

Let’s say I have a whiteboard with nothing written on it, and then I use my marker to put a small dot at the corner. Then, I ask you to look at the board and tell me what you notice; I am sure most of you would have the same answer. Won’t it be the black dot? probably yes! I believe that the whiteboard is our life, and the small dot is our problem. But still, when we do not focus on the bigger picture and just a small dot at the corner, we ask ourselves Do I deserve to be happy? This woman, Sara, did the same and came to a beautiful realization.

In the video, she says, “I’m sorry. This is what I’m thinking about. This is what I’m worried about.” She says this, pointing at her belly. Do I deserve to be happy?That makes sense as oftentimes, we are mostly consumed with our looks, and that takes away all our happiness.


Sara then continues, “I’m standing in a home that I bought on a planet where there are more stars in the sky than there are grains of sand on each individual beach.”

She then continues, “And I have a husband who thinks I’m the greatest thing in the world, and I have a family who would do anything for me and hobbies that bring me joy.”

Even after all this, the only thing most people think about is their problems.

Do I deserve to be happy?

Sara then says that she is looking at her phone, which has thousands of images and videos of things she did and enjoyed. Then there is her calendar downstairs that has all the vacations she has planned and is excited for.

But again there is the question, “Should I be happy? Do I deserve to be happy? Should I be proud of where I am right now?”

Then she again points at her belly, This is what tops the list of considerations.

Watch the video here:


This realization just hit me. Like… THIS is what I’m dedicating my time to? Caring about my stomach size‽ #fyp #selflove #bodylove #plussizetiktok

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Most of the comments in the video are about how this video has given them a new perspective. One of them wrote, Feel this to my core. I would love to not think about my body and give that energy to any other thing in my life!”

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