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Dogecoin memes are ruling the internet on Dogeday

Dogecoin memes are going viral on Twitter as the masses come forward for yet another push towards the moon. If you type #D on Twitter, #dogecoin pops up as trending. And this is obvious considering the hype surrounding cryptocurrency. Some serious pumping is going on, and if things go well, which it seems they will, then $1 is just around the corner. They say, “Every dog has its day” perhaps it’s Dogcoin’s day. Ahhhh, wait, it is, ain’t it 20th April.

Popular Dogecoin memes on the internet

How much is Dogecoin’s price today? Around 40 cents. And I am pretty sure one cannot buy much with the same in the US or even in India. But today, I just saw a meme where a guy says he can’t believe that he spent 3 Doge on this house. Though the year is 2059, the speed with which it is increasing, I believe that it is possible.

Then we have another meme that shows NEO asking Doge if he can make a lot of money from Dogecoin. To which Doge replies that Doge is money. A meme currency whose value has increased 77x in 2021 and 165x in 2020 is definitely more valuable than fiat.

Another classic that you should not miss is the Elon Musk meme. Remember the photo who Elon was holding Doge like the move Simba. Well, this coin has Doge’s photo upfront and the meme at the back. This was my personal favorite.

Heck, even the price of Dogecoin has become a meme today. Take a look at this, and if you know, you know.

Did you like the memes that we shared above? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you find any other classic memes on Twitter, share them with us so we can add them to the article.

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